Hello reader!

Before I introduce myself, I’d like to clarify that I am no writer. As a child I aspired to write at some point of time. Those dreams, as most childhood dreams, vanished somewhere as I grew up. This is my sincere attempt to get back to a habit that I once was proud of.

Who am I? My name is Moksha. I am currently pursuing management studies from a premier b-school (or so my b-school would like you to believe). Don’t worry, not all my posts will be boring management jargon!  I used to write extensively when I was younger. Studies, JEE, placements and multiple CATs later, I am back to my writing roots. If I have to describe myself, I’d say I am an introvert, sarcastic, funny, weird and yet an extremely fun person (once you cross the barriers that I set. It is like a test. You got to pass to get to the awesome version of me). I am (unfortunately) an engineer. I have worked with a consulting firm for nearly 2 years. And I think that is enough about me for now.

What will I be writing about? I’m not sure yet. I haven’t really decided to stick to any one topic. I’m hoping for this to be a general blog about life, travel, short stories, love, friends, shopping, life in a B-school and whatever else I am hoping I can come up with.

Why should you be reading my posts?  Uhmm.. I don’t have an answer to this question yet. Read on, maybe you’ll find a reason to stick around.


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