Exam time

Am I the only one who happens to find a billion distractions during exam time? From a fly in the room to a car honking a billion kilometres away, everything manages to capture my attention other than studies. When I finally manage to force my concentration back to studies other random thoughts force their way into my mind such as food, sleep, new crush,ย  some movie, etc. Why is it that studying from a book is so monotonous and dreary? I love reading novels but when it comes to academic books, arghhhh!!!
Is there something probably wrong with the way education is being imparted and tested? And if there is, why haven’t academicians taken up the onus of making studies more of thinking than rote learning? Having worked, I feel there are many things that the education system can learn from the corporate world. First, time is money. Instead of investing time and money into classroom education, studies should be a mix of classroom education and practical life application. There can be a mix like 1 month of studies followed by 1 month of practical exposure. Second, if what we are being taught in class can’t be practically used/implemented/practiced then please don’t teach it. What is the point of learning about calculus so extensively when one can’t even calculate the taxes one needs to pay. Third, teachers should be made to undergo industry exposure too. Fourth, books and syllabus should be updated on a yearly basis to include data regarding the latest technologies, developments and improvements. Fifth, latest technology should compulsorily be made a part of education. Sixth, practical knowledge that we use in our daily lives (such as tax knowledge, politics, finance management etc.) should necessarily be taught to students in school. Seventh,ย  students should be encouraged to find their interests and passions early on in their career. Most students don’t realise their passions until much later in their careers. Eight, instead of exams we should have practicals only. Practicals where we apply what we have learnt. Practicals are a much better way to judge students knowledge and understanding. What is the point in rote learning when we forget everything we’ve learnt? It negates the fundamentals of education.
Education should be more than just bookish knowledge. It should be application of knowledge in real life situations where it is required.
I was hoping MBA would be more of practical learning rather than bookish learning but after giving my first set of exams (sigh!!) I see no practical learning in most subjects. Why study law when I can hire a lawyer to do my legal work? Further, isn’t the first rule of MBA networking? If I am going to be good at networking wouldn’t I have friends who are lawyers or friends of friends? I could easily approach them for legal advice cause honestly I’m not going to remember section 31 of Indian Contract Law for longer than this trimester. Maybe its the stress and sleeplessness talking but I sometimes wish I was studying in Hogwarts! Hogwarts, huh? Zzz.. yeah I am sleepy! Got an exam in 30 minutes, so I should probably start studying now. ๐Ÿ˜€
Adios, my readers (if I have any :p)!!

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  1. medhah says:

    Good point you should send this blog to the Education Ministry hopefully they ll get englightened by this ๐Ÿ˜›


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