It’s complicated

As humans have evolved, so has everything related to us in and around our little world. Evolution of man from apes to our present state was because the world needed less complications. Why walk on four feet when you can do the same on two feet? Similarly, the things around us evolved to reduce complications. Why hand make items when machines can do the same with far more accuracy and finesse? Overall the world has evolved from complicated to uncomplicated. The world is still evolving towards uncomplicated. Why uncomplicated? Cause uncomplicated means easier. It means less efforts and more benefits. Why then are we hell bent upon complicating our relationships?

Facebook introduced a relationship status called ‘it’s complicated’. Why are relationships today far more complicated and confusing than they were decades ago? In Shakespearian times, Romeo and Juliet saw each other, fell in love and burnt down the world around them in their attempt to achieve their impossible love. Today we have immortal love stories like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s. Their love broke what was believed to be a very successful marriage. Nothing is permanent anymore. Maybe that is what makes every relationship so complicated. Not many find reasons to stay on or fall in love but people find enough reasons to not be in a relationship or to fall out of love. It is easy to give up now than to fight for what you really love. Or maybe there is no real love left in the world. Maybe true love died a longtime back and has been replaced with pseudo, love like emotion which isn’t really love because it takes far less conviction to feel it. It scares easy too. It is weak. It fails often. Its survival rate is low. People fall in and out of live so easily that it almost like love is like sleep. It is necessary. It is easy to fall asleep. It is easy to fall asleep anywhere anytime. And it takes one ring of the alarm to scare someone out of their sleep. Sometimes it takes multiple alarms for the person to eventually fall out of it. But what ever one does one has to eventually wake up. Whatever happened to that crazy love that took us to a purgatory from where there was no return? A purgatory where that one person becomes all important and no one else can ever matter as much as they do. Its a high. A high which is stronger than any high alcohol or any narcotics can ever give. A high from which one never wants to get out. I’m not saying that this high is a permanent high, there are some moments when the feeling dilutes a little. But it never goes away. Its always there. This all encompassing, crazy passion that can burn the world down or raise an entire civilisation from ashes.
Love shouldn’t be complicated. Love should be easy. It should be like two parts of a puzzle fitting in together. If there is friction or fight to fit the pieces together then they in all probability don’t belong together. When pieces don’t fall together then it is better for all involved if it isn’t forced together and rather let be. Forcing together of pieces will lead to them breaking or being misfit. If it is complicated, it isn’t love. Love is the simplest form of energy in the world. Love is the simplest thing to do cause love comes with no conditions and expectations. Love means giving unconditionally. Love means spreading happiness. Love means just being there for the one you love in whichever way they want you in their life. Love is just love. Nothing more and nothing less. Let’s uncomplicate undying understanding uncompromising love and find our individual utopia.


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  1. Love is complicated and Love stories even more, but there are love stories that have an happy ending best examples are Shahrukh Khan and Gauri, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.


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