25 years and counting

I turn 25 next week. 25. Wow. That’s old. Really old. A quarter of a century. When I was growing up, people always said older is wiser. I am growing older but I don’t think I am any wiser. I still make the same mistakes. I still fall. I still get hurt. I still get up. And I still repeat the same mistakes. I’m hoping that I’ll wake up on my 25th more wise with a sudden realisation of what is right and what is wrong. I’ve learnt many life lessons over the last year and I want to pen them down as a constant reminder to myself for the next year.
Life lesson #1: there is no age for heartbreaks
When I was younger I always thought that once I grew up I would have to deal less and less with heartbreaks. I believed that I would develop an instinct to tell the good ones from the bad and save myself the pain. But I guess not. I guess there is never a right age to tell the ones that will stay from the ones that will leave. I guess that kind of wisdom only comes when you do find someone who wants to stay, who wants to be with you. That someone makes you wiser and hopefully, a better person.
Life lesson #2: plans go wrong more often than we’d like
I am one hell of a planner. I love planning out everything from parties to my life. I like planning out every teeny detail. Life has always had other plans for me. Till date most of my plans haven’t worked out. And it hurts a lot when they fall through. Broken plans are like thorns lodged in my heart that keep hurting me repeatedly. So I decided to let go of my control over my life and let life take me wherever it wants to. No, I won’t stop wanting things and working for them, I’m just going to believe that if they don’t work out then something better is in store.
Life lesson #3: people disappoint, chocolate is eternal
No matter who the person is, there will come a point of time when they do let down. For me, these let downs come more often because I usually expect a lot from people. When I am friends with someone, I usually set no boundaries for what I’d do for them. But I make the mistake of expecting the same in return. Owing to the older-wiser concept, I am going to try and lower my expectations from people. And if nothing else works, chocolate is forever.
Life lesson #4: sometimes you have to manage it on your own
True that it is great to have a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand to sort out stuff but when you have none, you are more than enough for yourself. I always look for outside for support instead of looking within. This is because I don’t believe I am good enough for myself. I need to change this. I need to have more faith in myself and I will.
Life lesson #5: binge eating only temporarily resolves the issue
I’ve had an issue with ‘food’ abuse. I use food as a went out method. My food habits change drastically with my mood. I can go from not hungry to 4 chocolates and 2 coca cola bottles down in a matter of half an hour. Food (read as: junk) makes me feel a lot better when I am down. Fried potatoes, chocolate and cheese can resolve just about any issue in my life. Atleast temporarily. But on the dawn of my 25th, I wow to get rid of this unhealthy eating habit mainly because sometimes it is better to face the reality than escape.
Life lesson #6: people who make you feel insecure are not the people you need to find your security in
There are different types of people in the world. Some that we don’t care about and some we care about. The ones we do care about are of two types too. One, who make us feel better about ourselves, who make us feel secure and safe. Two, the kind who keep us on our toes, make us unsure and insecure. It is the second type of people that I want to stop caring about. It is time that I realize the ones that matter from the ones that don’t and stop bothering about the latter.
Life lesson #7: escapism just makes the problem worse
I’m someone who hates confrontation. I’m also one who hates getting answers to life altering questions. I’d rather just ignore the problem and pretend like it doesn’t exist. This usually just amplifies the problem and I have to deal with the amplified problem at a much later stage. I will, henceforth, deal with all issues timely and in an orderly fashion.
Life lesson #8: Making mistakes is alright
So, I have played it safe most of my life. I haven’t taken many risks or done anything innately stupid. Over the last year, I did. I took some risks that paid off and some that didn’t. Yet, I don’t regret the crazy risks that didn’t pay off. Yes, some risks were big mistakes, mistakes that hurt but they were life lessons. They will eventually leave me with great memories.
There are others, maybe a little less significant ones. My quarter of a century of life has been filled with many ups and downs. I have had a lot of reasons to celebrate and a lot of reasons to grieve. But hey, isn’t that life? Through it all I’ve had an amazing and strong family to support me. Some great friends to motivate me. And a strong will to not give up. Here is hoping to a fabulous 26th year and more. Cheers!


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  1. Sidika says:

    Truth well put!!
    Lesson #3 so relatable!! πŸ™‚


    1. Happy Panda says:

      Hahaha! Chocolate is eternal πŸ˜‰


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