I fell


I fell in love with you….
When your jokes brightened up my dark days,
When we talked all night long about our lives, our dreams and the future,
When I felt a tingling effect after you held my hand for the first time,
When you stayed up all night to put my demons to rest,
When you sang for me when I was angry with you,
When you held me in your arms to control the emotional mess that I was,
When you bought me that first chocolate,
When the sound of your laughter awoke me from my worst nightmares,
When your future plans had me in them,
When your different smiles, angelic and evil, had the same pounding effect on my heart,
When you pulled me into a hug so tight and I felt like I was home,
When the touch of your lips on mine sent my head spinning,
When I realized that I could bare my soul to you, as a part of your soul understood mine perfectly.

I fell out of love with you….
When you told me that you could fathom a future without me in it,
When you walked away from me as tears streamed down my face,
When you didn’t call to ask if I was okay after our fight,
When you hurt me continuously by talking to her,
When I realized that your words meant one thing and your actions another,
When you’d pull me close one second and push me away in another,
But mostly, when I realized that loving you meant loving myself less.

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  1. withchandangupta says:

    A beautiful piece Moksha 🙂
    The words reflect the compassion with which you have written it.
    Also, I loved the choice of title picture 🙂
    Keep posting (y)


    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thanks, ladke! 🙂


    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thanks babe! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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