The ‘LOVE’ series

Love happens to be one of the most thought of thoughts in my head. So overthought it is that sometimes its thought drives me a lil over the edge. This love hate relationship with love is forgotten and resurrected far too often. But I have been and will always be a true believer.

I haven’t written a blog for a while now and have been going through a weird sort of writer’s block. Only a powerful topic could force me out of my current reverie. Anyone who knows me even remotely would know my obsession with love is a long drawn one. This obsession has finally pulled me out of the lull and has forced me to pick my pen (or in this case my phone) again.

As a part of my obsession, here I launch ‘The LOVE series’. In the run up till Valentine’s day, I will post a love story weekly picked from the lives of people I love and of course my own love life. These stories would be inspired and in most cases would be picked entirely from the love stories around me that have made me believe a little more in the magic of love. The first post will go live on the eve of the New Year. Stay hooked and spread love! 

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