Mumbai dreams #1: Sea, sky and people

(This post covers a lot of the random thoughts that go through my head all the time. I apologize if I’ve rambled on.)

Hi reader, I have news, I’ve recently shifted base to Mumbai. Uhmm, what brings me here? My super boring corporate job has dragged me to the city of dreams. Am I thrilled? Hell yeah! Am I scared? Hell yeah! But is this going to be an adventure I cherish? *Fingers crossed*
My first week was spent between the boring office presentations, forceful networking and finding time to visit the sea side! I have been a huge fan of the sea, watching the sea waves crashing and the wind makes me feel surpemely calm. I find myself oddly at peace with myself (I’m usually a very conflicted person), as I sit at the famous Bandra Bandstand writing this blog post. I started this blog two years back, inspired by Carrie Bradshaw (well not entirely). I have been fairly irregular in writing this blog but I’m hoping my experiences in this new city will help inspire me to pen down my thoughts more often.

I’ve lived in Delhi all my life. I’ve been deeply rooted to that place and never really grabbed any prior opportunity to leave. 26 years – family, friends, love, the city, memories; saying goodbye was a little hard for me. I was teary eyed for the entire day one. Funnily, I’ve already booked tickets for my return. Ties and bonds, I’m a fairly attached person who loves very easily and finds letting go very hard. I’m not sure if this is a shortcoming or a quality. Maybe it’s both. The sea makes me contemplate, it makes me be true to myself without letting my emotions get in the way. I’m probably the most excited about being near the sea out of my shift to Mumbai.
Spending time alone is something most people don’t cherish. I didn’t either for the longest time. Maybe it’s because we have people that make us feel so alive that we constantly look to be with them. I’ve had such people around me in the last 2 years and I know how addictive people can get. Or maybe it’s because we don’t want to let the voices in our heads take over. I know so many people who absolutely dislike being alone because they aren’t comfortable with their own thoughts. But being alone is powerful. Making peace with the voices in your head, making peace with all that you are, that’s real power.

Being alone is something I cherish. Sitting by the sea on my own, I observe the people around me. It’s a typical Sunday evening; families, friends, couples enjoying their free evening together. Mumbai is one place where economic disparity is so largely visible everywhere. Behind me stands the house of one of the biggest movie stars (my favourite movie star too) and in front of me, I see impoverished kids taking their evening bath near the sea. Their happy smiles and loud giggles draw my attention. My attention is next drawn to an aged man who takes a break from his evening stroll to sit by the sea and check his Whatsapp. Next I observed​ this trio, a couple and their friend. The poor friend was the couple’s designated photographer. Yes, I love people watching and I love making up background stories for them in my head (I am sane!!). I’m sure Mumbai is going to give me plentiful opportunities to take my people watching skills to the next level.

I am a dreamer. I’ve been dreaming all my life. These dreams have changed over the years but some have remained constant. I dream of being successful and I don’t mean success in terms of salary, growth etc. For me success means finding something that I love doing, that I’m passionate about and giving it my best. I dream of finding love; inconvenient, crazy love. I dream of giving to the society, to the ones that need. Mumbai, the city of dreams, I hope a few dreams come true.

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