Mumbai dreams #2: Two weeks down

Yayay, I’ve completed two weeks in the city of dreams! Am I closer to achieving my dreams? Maybe! I haven’t had much time to explore the city yet (thanks to my super busy schedule in office). But I did manage to get out a little and see a few places. Let’s start with my top picks of what all I’ve seen/done in Mumbai till now –

1. Sunset at Marine Drive – Two weeks in Mumbai and I’ve visited Marine Drive twice, once for sunset and once later at night. Finding a place to sit is a task at any time of the day. Marine Drive is crowded all the time. People from all walks of life, all age groups flock their in groups or alone. If one is lucky, one may spot someone famous here too. I loved watching the sunset here. The days in Mumbai are hot and humid. Sitting by the sea with the cool breeze in my hair watching the sun finally dip below the horizon has such a calming effect. 

Looking at the sky change colours while clouds float by. I’m sure I will be spending many evenings here.
2. Juhu beach at night 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of this but the beach at night is super beautiful. Probably not the cleanest beach around but for someone who loves beaches it’s all the same. We walked away from the tiny food shops at the entrance, along the beach and found ourselves a spot on the beach outside the hotel ‘Sea Princess’ (the pool bar in this hotel overlooks the sea and is a place I want to visit soon). My friends and I sat here and talked for so long that we absolutely lost track of time. Post 12, the police starts clearing out the beach but our location being away gave from the police chowki gave us some extra time. I’m probably going to try to visit the other beaches in Mumbai before I return to Juhu.

3. Sunset at Bandra Bandstand

Yes, yes, I’m a sucker for sunsets. It’s a family joke that all my holiday plans revolve around catching the sunrise or sunset. My favourite sunsets are those on the beach. Sea, wind, sand and cool water, what more does one need? This was my first solo outing in Mumbai. I enjoyed sitting on the steps at Bandstand waiting for the sun to set. 

 4. Outbound outside Mumbai

(Having been given a long lecture on my company’s social media policy, I’m not going to disclose the names of the places.)

We were all taken a few hours away from Mumbai for 2 days of fun, adventure and learning. From trying out some adventure sports for the first time, to pushing myself to do some physical activities, to the serene and calm environment that surrounded us; the entire experience was amazing. From conference rooms to the outdoors the change was a much needed break.

5. Nightlife in Mumbai

So I visited a few pubs in the last 2 weeks and I have to say that Mumbai’s nightlife is super happening. I visited the following pubs in order of which I liked most to least :

A bar called life, Juhu

TAP, Juhu

Colaba Social

Beer Cafe, Palladium Mall

The something monkey, Hub Mall (please don’t go here!)

Looking forward to more adventures in Mumbai! Looking forward to making a lot of friends too. Any suggestions as to the places I should visit? Comment below! 🙂

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  1. Shubhi says:

    Food in Mumbai is notthe best thing ABT the city but it’s really good at a few places. You shud try Sardar Pao Bhaji and Haji Ali Fruit Cream. And also visit small shops opposite mithibai college. Foodie in you wud wanna try atleast one from dosa, vado pao n frankie varieties there. And pls do go to Swati’s too in South Bombay for modernised awesome gujju food!


    1. Shubhi says:

      I love your blog! Ur writing is nice n real. And ur content is so fun!


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