Mumbai Dreams #6: Delhi Vs Mumbai 

I really like this series and hence, want to continue with it!

Yes, I’ve jumped from #3 to #5 and now #6. The blog #4 is still in draft stage and I know I could have moved the numbers around but I want that blog to be #4. It is taking longer to write that because it’s an ongoing chapter that will take time to write.

I’m back from a long vacation that I spent entirely in Delhi with family and friends doing everything I love. I was longing for Delhi winters. Oooh! The beautiful Delhi winters when Delhi looks prettier than ever. I love everything about Delhi winters. Winter food, winter fashion, winter breeze, cold nights in the blanket! I love Delhi, Delhi is home. Delhi will always have a piece of me. Yet I found myself increasingly using the phrase – “Mumbai is so much better in this aspect”. So, here it is a comparison of the two cities from my perspective:

1. People – Mumbai people are so chilled out. They are so calm no matter what the situation. There are no heated arguments on the road. The time I went back to Delhi after spending a few months in Mumbai, I was shocked at how easily I could spot the difference in attitudes of people belonging to the two cities. My Uber driver from the airport to home was crass, short tempered and using the choicest of Dilliwaala abuses. On the contrary, I’ve met some wonderful Uber and auto drivers in Mumbai.

2. Food – NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can come up to the street food of Delhi. I miss momos, chaats, chole kulche and the other amazing street food that you get in Delhi. Gol Gappas – you are so so so missed! and no Elco Arcade gol gappas are not gol gappas! Yes, Mumbai has its famous vada pav (for Rs.12, how??!! when everything else is so expensive) and pav bhaji and its really good but doesn’t satisfy the soul like Dilli waala street food! and why do all the pubs and restuarants have the same food offering in Mumbai?

3. Traffic – Ever since I’ve moved to Mumbai, I’ve started charting timings to visit various places to avoid traffic. Yes, I haven’t gotten used to taking the local yet. But take the local is a very weak argument for the traffic situation in Mumbai. Add to that 6 months of monsoons and you have a perfect recipe for jam, traffic jam. Delhi’s public transport is much more sorted thanks to the metro (God bless DMRC!!) and buses. My father travels 13-14kms by road daily to office, something that is not doable by road in Mumbai.

4. Safety – I know this is only a big plus for the women but OMG, Mumbai is such a nice change from Delhi. Yeah, anywhere is better than Delhi for women but Mumbai is amazing! I cannot imagine walking around at 3-4AM in Delhi even right outside my house. Mumbai is so refreshing, any time of the day you can head out without worrying that much about the hour.

5. Judgement – Delhi people are judgemental about every thing!! Mumbai people literally don’t care about anything – what you are wearing, how much money you have, where you eat etc.

6. Space crunch – Mumbai is like a giant Rajiv Chowk metro station. Rajiv Chowk metro station was my nightmare while in Delhi, everywhere is a nightmare in Mumbai. The concept of alone time is lost here because other than your own house (which also most people share with a ton of people due to sky high rents) there is no place that you can find solace on your own.

7. Pace of life – Life is so fast paced in Mumbai. Everyone is in a hurry to get places. Delhi is a mix of slow and fast life. Delhi lets you run at your whatever pace you like. Mumbai is all about the rat race, you snooze you loose.


I know I have more positives for Delhi over Mumbai but Mumbai has spirit! Mumbai has slowly gnawed its way into my heart. And as the months go by, I find lesser reasons to escape to Delhi (family being the only reason).

What do you think – Delhi or Mumbai? Leave your comments below! 🙂

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