2020: The year of ME!!

Hahah, I know I know the title is either very boastful or very hopeful. I think it’s the latter. The train of my life has been derailed for the past few years (for multiple reasons) and instead of trying to get it back on track, I’ve been trying to let it take it’s own path. I know a lot of people say this but it was a big deal for someone like me. I’ve been a HUGE control freak all my life, trying to control every little aspect of my life. Over the years I realised I don’t really have much control on how my life turns out despite how much I plan and work on it. This realisation initially spiralled me into an abyss of sadness which forced me to work even harder to control my life. Over the past few years, I decided to just let go of all the planning and controlling and let life take whatever path it wants to. This was also fuelled by some laziness and procrastination. And a lot of complaining followed. Maybe it’s better to do your bit in shaping your life so atleast there is no disappointment in self. So here is me taking back control of my life or more like agreeing to share control of my life with whatever it is out there, destiny or whatever you want to call it. But mostly this me snapping out of my really long phase of procrastination and doing something meaningful in the next decade. Here’s to the next decade and to doing more!!!

Happy New Year & New Decade!

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