She is not Lost (Spain Blog)#4: Day trip to Montserrat

Hi Readers,

Continuing with my Spain series after a considerable break to tell you all about this wonderful little hamlet I visited in Spain – Montserrat.

Nestled amongst a few rocky mountains is this incredibly tiny yet beautiful village that primarily boasts of a gorgeous Cathedral housing a 12th century idol of Mary.

There are day trips organised by many tour operators to Montserrat from Barcelona. I booked mine from Klook which included a very nice brunch of cheese, cold meat and a lot of wine & cava.

You can also take a train to Montserrat in case you want to visit the hamlet on your own leisurely pace but I’d recommend booking a tour!

The main highlight of the tour was watching the choir boys of the Cathedral school perform. It was spectacular and spellbinding!

The town is beautiful and I loved just walking around it. From the town you can take various trekking trails to explore the rocky mountains.

In addition to trekking, one can also ride the super fun funnicular to the top of the mountain. What is the funnicular? Picturr below.

It’s this really steep train that you ride to the top of the mountain and back.

Walking around, amongst the clouds was a fun break from the hectic trip I had had so far!

If you are in Barcelona and need a break from all the typical touristy activities – take a day your to Montserrat and you won’t be disappointed!

Here are some more photos from that fun day –