2020 – The Year of Crazies!

Omg! What has this year been? We’re not even halfway into the third month of the year and already so much has happened. From an almost WW3 situation to the Australian bush fires to the Corona virus outbreak – this year has been nuts globally. Add to it a lot of political instability in India along with communal clashes and we have MENTAL. 2020 has been mental!!

The year started out great with 4 trips in the first 3 months – starting with Kolkata then Kutch followed by Pondicherry and a weekend away at Nashik. Just as I thought that this will be the year I finally manage to do all the travel I plan in my head – disaster struck with the corona virus outbreak in the world! It’s been so freaky – the spread of the virus globally. At first I thought I’d make the best of the situation and travel cheap but I really don’t want to be a carrier who spreads it to others. So for the next month atleast all my travel plans are on hold. 😦

The economic condition worldwide is extremely fragile. With China’s manufacturing sector hit, it seems like a slowdown in most economies is inevitable. The Indian stock market has tumbled with the news of the cases of Corona in India.

I don’t want to panic – but what is happening? How is this year already so stressful and gloomy? I hope things pick up in the next few months.

How is the year treating you?

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  1. mterrazas32 says:

    Here in the U.S the media hasn’t really reported what going on in India or in that area of the world. They been only reporting about Italy, spain and the UK. Is it bad in India or are they expecting it to get worst? I kind of think history is repeating it self in some way. Think about Spanish Flu 1917/18 and here we are with this virus late 2019/2020.

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      It hasn’t been as bad as the US/Italy/Spain. Our numbers are relatively less as of now – 5000 postive cases and less than 200 deaths. But with a population like ours (1.4bn) stopping community spread is very difficult unless there is a full lockdown!
      It’s too freaky!

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