Therapeutic Hands

Trying to keep up with the daily discover prompts, here is my take on the prompt “hands”.

I watched as she chopped the vegetables, how did she have the energy to cook for the family right after coming back from work? I watched as she rushed to wash and dry the clothes while routinely coming to check on the food on the stove to make sure it wasn’t burning. I watched her sit down to teach us and correct our homework. I watched her run to hand my father a glass of water the minute he entered the house. I watched her serve us food with a big smile and without showing a single sign of being tired. I watched her prepare for the next morning while the rest of us were plonked in front of the television. I watched her pray with all earnest to God for our well being. I watched her as she tucked in my sister for a good night’s sleep.

Now all grown up, I don’t depend on her for all that much. But whenever the world seems like a dark place and life seems too hard I turn to her hands to caress my head, hold my hands and guide me towards the light. My mother.

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  1. jml297 says:

    A lovely tribute ☺️

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