My Favourite Curves

Discover prompts daily word is “curve”. I didn’t have much time to work on this one. But hope you like it!

That curve on the road that leads to the beach

The curve of your smile that makes my heart skip a beat

That curve of my tummy after eating a hearty meal

The curves of my palm lines that somehow influence my destiny

The curve in the infinity symbol that represents forever

The curve of the crescent moon that somehow fills me with hope

The curves of your fingers that intertwine with mine and complete me

The curve in noodles that brings a smile on to so many faces

That curve in my life journey that brought me here far from where I thought I’d be

Those curves in the corners of my heart that are filled with abundant love!

These are some of my favourite curves, tell me about yours!

PS: Here’s hoping for flattening of the curve that is torturing a lot of us across the globe – the coronavirus curve! Stay safe!

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  1. Curves that we couldn’t miss in our lives!


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