Looking for something to believe in

Discover prompt for the day is “pairs” and I’ve had such crazy thoughts about what to write. I want to write about something happy but I think this post is going to be introspective.

Do you believe in love? Do you believe that there is someone out there for everyone? Do you believe in soulmates?

I was a hopeless romantic while growing up. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about falling in love and finding THE one. Whenever I’d meet someone I’d like – I’d convince myself it’s destiny and start looking for signs from the universe that he was my soulmate. I think I’ve had many dreams while growing up but finding my soulmate was the biggest dream of them all.

And as it often happens, I did find someone that I thought was my soulmate. The one to complete my pair. The one I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. And as it often happens, things didn’t work out.

While I did move on (eventually), a lot of what I belived in changed. Maybe more than my belief system changing, I got scared, scared to let anyone else in again. I do see a lot of my friends who have found their significant others but my perspective of seeing them has changed. Earlier I’d look at them with awe and believe that they’re lucky but now I see the flaws in their relationships. Maybe I’m looking for ways to convince myself to not give love another chance but right now I think being on my own is far better than being in a pair.

So I reach out to you, whoever is reading this, looking for hope. Are you in love? Do you believe in love? Maybe someone will be able to change my mind.

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  1. I think only the really strong people can love unconditionally. Because you see, it takes courage to love and not be afraid of getting hurt. It’s a kind of risk – and a great one at that. But if willing to let it in, I believe love is something that can open for you many avenues. It needn’t always be romantic love, either. Try inculcating love in your everyday tasks and relationships, and see how it feels?

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thank you for taking out time to comment! So I do have a lot of friends and family that I deeply love but yeah the romantic love is something I’m just too scared to try again.

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      1. You’re welcome!
        And just wait, let time take its course. The things that hurt you today will not hurt so much in future – and more importantly you will have learned some good lessons from them. Take care!


  2. ustome says:

    This was me, not so long ago. I completely understand where you are coming from.


    1. Happy Panda says:

      ❤️ your post definitely gave me hope


      1. ustome says:

        Ah I’m glad. It’s taken me by surprise too! Don’t give up.

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  3. You will find your soulmate one day. You won’t be perfect for each order but then there is no perfect thing. It will be all about caring, companionship and trying to be there for each other. Trust me, when you will meet somebody like that, you both will work hard to be together even if at times you will see no point in it. That is what love is all about believing in your relationship.


    1. Happy Panda says:

      Really hope so! ❤️


  4. mterrazas32 says:

    Never been in a relationship but i believe that if there is someone out there for you, it will happen when you you least expect it.


    1. Happy Panda says:

      Here’s hoping it happens for the both of us! 😊


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