Divine Orchestra

I’m late on this one but Discover Prompt “orchestrate” totally threw me. Here is my take on it.

I’ve been an atheist for the last few years because none of the religions strike a chord with me. But I do believe that there is a divine power out there that is unknown that in some way or the other orchestrates how our lives play out. True we are the masters of our life decisions but how those decisions pan out have a divine involvement. Example: a family friend recently started their own pub after years of planning and months of work. He quit his job to run the pub. The pub went live in February with great reviews. Unfortunately, due to the corona mess that we’re in, he was forced to lockdown his pub 3 weeks after the launch. Despite his best intentions & hard work, it almost feels like the universe is conspiring against him. Another story I read on LinkedIn was about this working professional who lost his job because of the current economic situation. He had just taken a house loan a few months back. There are also a lot of cases where this divine intervention stops you from getting into something that would be wrong for you but you can’t see it at that time.

So we’re all a part of this universe wide orchestra and there is a conductor somewhere up above us (or down below – I really don’t know) who is orchestrating all of us to make sure we work together to form a beautiful symphony. Sometimes we are so engrossed in playing our tune that we fail to notice the flailing arms of the conductor and the repercussions are faced by everyone in orchestra. For example, climate change – we’re ignoring all the signs in front of us and continuing to harm nature, we will all have to jointly face the consequences.

But what can we do? I believe we all have a role to play in the orchestra of the universe – an instrument to play. We should make sure we do our best at playing our part while staying in symphony with others in the orchestra and also pay attention to all the signs the conductor gives as she (yes I think its a woman) orchestrates our tunes.

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