Just Sister Things

Discover prompt word of the day is ‘bite’.

You know the worst thing about being the younger sibling? It’s how your older sibling is so successful in fooling you when you are kids. They make up these intricate stories and tell them to you so earnestly that you’re forced to believe them. Also when you’re kids, your natural tendency is to look up to your sibling. They seem so big and strong from where you stand all small and wobbly. You look to them to protect you.

My older sister and I have an age gap of 2 years. We’ve been very close for most of our lives but here’s a list of things that she did to me that I’ll never forget or forgive –

  • Gulp down her ice-cream in 5 seconds and then tell me she just wants one bite of mine but go on to eat most of it
  • ALWAYS take the biggest slice of the pizza
  • Try to convince me that I was picked up from a trash can
  • Sneak around trying to finish off my chocolates after she’s already eaten all of hers
  • Sit on me when we’d have physical fights
  • Always pick the prettier/better gift whenever someone sent gifts for the two of us
  • Always get us in to trouble by convincing me that doing something naughty was a good idea
  • Always picking what we got to watch on the TV
  • Handing me down all her books, clothes including school uniforms (she was always way taller than me and the uniform skirt would be ankle length for me)
  • Talking late into the night and not letting me sleep (she still does this)
  • Leaving for college and always living far away from me

I was very lucky to share a very close relationship with my sister. It’s not always been the smoothest relationship but we manage to find a way to get around the curves and still be there for each other. She’s the older one but for the second half of our lives, I’ve had to play the role of the mature responsible sibling. Do you have a sibling? What’s your relationship like with yours? If you haven’t talked to them in a while, go pick up the phone and call them right now! Siblings are definitely our first friends and our forever friends.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynh says:

    I’m guilty of doing some of these things to my sister but she has her fair shares of sister rivalry too


    1. Happy Panda says:

      I’m sure my sister’s side of the story has some complaints too.


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