My Mornings

So I’m running late on posting on the prompt of the day. I’m trying to catch up. The word for yesterday was “scent”. I didn’t have much to write on it – so here’s a very short and simple take.

My morning jog takes my senses through a lot of scents –

The scent of the sea

The scent of the sand

The scent of the sweat dripping down my tired body

The scent of the Indian street food the hawker is selling

The scent of the market and all the hustling people

The scent of the flowers that line my path

The scent of the car smoke that fills the air

The scent of the dog poop along the way

The scent of the incense sticks burning in the temple

The scent of soap coming from the freshly bathed people rushing to work

The scent of the yummy food coming from my neighbour’s kitchen window

The scent of the coffee you’re brewing for me

The strongest scent of all – the scent of home, the scent of you!

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  1. Lynh says:

    I feel like I’m running with you and got sneak peek of India. I’d love to try Indian street food some day. I didn’t know that there street vendors are called hawkers. That sounds cool.

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Indian street food is amazing but you need to build up your stomach to enjoy it. 🙈 It doesn’t suit a lot of non-Indians.

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