Being Kind

This year has been crazy for most of us. It’s shaken the world and it’s shaken all of us too. Most of us, around the world, are locked up at home waiting eagerly for some good news to come our way! It’s been a tough few months! In the midst of all of this craziness, a lot of us have forgotten how to be humane. All of are privileged to be able to stay home, have access to food and medical care. Most of my friends seem to be taking up something new everyday – new dish to cook (the dalgona challenge is super annoying!), learning to dance, making tiktok videos, learning new skills (like cleaning and washing the dishes – for me), learning new ways to keep in touch with our loved ones who are far away (zoom/houseparty!) and so many other things! But the new thing I want you all (whoever does end up reading this) to try today is to be kind. Be kind to whoever you meet/interact with – in person or on social media! Leave someone a kind comment on their photo. Drop in a hi to someone you haven’t checked in on for long. Video call your parents if they don’t live with you. Buy a needy person a week’s worth of groceries. Compliment the person you are in quarantine with on something they did good. I get that we’re all anxious and annoyed but let’s try to make the world a little better – one step at a time!

Comment below with what’s the kind thing you did today to motivate other readers. Loads of love!

Discover prompt for the day is “new”.

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  1. I so appreciate this call to action! I am going to be intentional about commenting on the posts I read today instead of simply hitting that “like” button. Starting with you. (I laughed out loud at “washing the dishes.”)

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Aww. Thank you so much! Made my day!


  2. Lani says:

    Being kind is always a good reminder, you can never do it too much. Well, I suppose you can, but you know what I mean šŸ˜›

    We really do forget these things. Thanks!

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