My Quarantine Playlist

Taking inspiration from my last blog, I decided to share the songs that I’ve been listening to on loop for the past few weeks of the lockdown. These songs reflect the different moods I’ve been going through. A lot of them are covers of romantic songs. Somehow romantic songs are the ones that uplift my spirit the most. I’m not sure why since I currently have no romance in my life. Maybe because it makes me dreamy? So here’s My Quarantine Playlist, do give these songs a listen as they’re amazing –

  • XO cover by John Mayor – I mentioned this song in my last blog too. It’s amazing and so dreamy!
  • Heaven (cover) by Boyce Avenue
  • Stay with me (cover) by Angus and Julia Stone
  • Every Breath You Take (cover) by Aaron Krause and Liza Anne
  • Your Song by Elton John
  • The Night We Met by Lord Huron
  • Baari by Bilal Saed and Momina Mustehsan

These songs are playing on loop on Spotify. Do share some nice acoustic music/cover suggestions!

Stay safe!

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  1. Lynh says:

    I like XO too. It’s just so chill and easy going

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