Marching At Your Own Pace

The Discover Prompt word for yesterday was “tempo” which got me thinking – a lot. The last 15 days I have been promptly sitting to write a blog everyday. On many days, I didn’t have a great idea on the blog but I nevertheless still tried my hand at writing an interesting blog. Until I realised day before yesterday that I was driving myself a little crazy trying to keep up with the day to day pace of writing these blogs. I’m a very methodological person. My usual days are divided and compartmentalized basis the requirements of the day. I have a timer set for everything I do. It’s not like I restrict myself timewise. I do give myself ample time to complete tasks, eg: I set aside 3 hours to complete an hour long task but I expect myself to complete the work in the time slot I’ve set for it, say 4-7PM. I do this because it helps me manage my time and productivity. I think it works very well on normal days but these days with all the anxiety and crazy surrounding me, I feel like this system is just adding extra pressure onto me . Pressure that I couldn’t deal with. So I decided to give myself a break for the last two days from writing and blow steam off on this. I want this blog to be fun and meaningful for me and the reader.

Funnily, this is something that I’ve started following in my life too. Not taking pressure about ticking off things from life’s bucket list just because time is running and need to do it all. Marriage, buying a house, kids, etc. is a long list of items that people are usually in a hurry to complete and tick off from their list. It’s a rat race to the completion line. After running the rat race for the first 25years of my life, I decided to just be the tortoise (tortoise and the hare story). I’m going to march at my own pace, doing things that matter most to be and not compete with others in the rat race of life. It’s very difficult to do considering your family have expectations from you. Also, your friends are still running the rat race and you see them achieve the conventional bucket list items which makes you wonder if your path is the right path. Not caring about what other people think about you is the first step towards breaking away from the conventional life journey. This step is also the hardest. I haven’t been able to absolutely thick skin myself but I’m getting there. I want to live a life that I enjoy, that motivates and inspires me everyday. Here’s hoping I’m able to do that!

Where has your life path taken you? Are you someone who puts a lot of pressure on achieving your dreams or are you more chill about life?

Stay safe!

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  1. What a thoughtful and grounded post. Thanks for this reminder. I’ve also been trying to schedule my life (both daily and into future milestones), but you’re absolutely right – life shouldn’t be about meeting expectations (societal, familial, etc.), it should be yours to enjoy; to build.

    If you never write another word-prompt, I’m still going to be reading! Your writing and journey is a breath of fresh air!

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Really means a lot! ❤️


  2. Lani says:

    It’s good to take a break. Like you I’m struggling to keep up with these prompts, I find them taking over my day. This is why I combined some of them. It also helped that I had old writing that fit the theme of the day.

    Honestly though, I’m looking forward to these ending because I want to do other things!

    Yeah, rat race, got out of it 10 years ago and moved abroad, but there’s something to be said about staying in the race, too. I have regrets, but I have to tell myself that my story is unfinished.

    Go at your own pace and find out what works for you, but don’t forget you can change your mind 😉

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thank you for your kind words and wisdom! ❤️
      Honestly these prompts have gotten me to write regularly after a really long time but I think the problem is with me putting too much pressure on me. But here’s hoping after this break, I’m back with new motivation to write again. 🙂
      I think regrets are a part of life. You know “the path not taken” – the “what ifs”. I just want to be at peace knowing I didn’t do things to please others. 🙈

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