Confessions of a List Maker

Discover prompts word for the day is “lists”.

I love making lists. I think it’s my favourite thing to do everyday. Be it mental lists or written lists or digital lists – I keep making lists through the day!

These are some of my favourite lists –

To-Do lists – maybe I’m very neurotic but I can’t function without making a list of all the things I have to do in the day. I don’t mean just listing them down but actually slotting down timings to do them. I typically roughly plan my day the night before. I feel out of control if I’m not sticking to the general outline of the day I’ve planned for myself. Am I crazy?

Pro-Con List – how do you make life decisions without making a Pro-Con list? Most of my decisions are taken by overthinking a lot and then finally sitting down to make a pro-con list. It helps me to list down both sides and then weigh them out before taking any decision. But I’m not this meticulous always – I do make some impulsive, irrational decisions too!

Grocery Shopping List – my heart skipped a beat just thinking about this list. I love supermarkets. I get such a thrill from just wandering around supermarkets. But more often than not I always end up spending crazy amount of money at the supermarket without getting what I went to get in the first place. So it’s hugely important for me to make a list before I step into the supermarket and get lost in the aisles of amazing smelling food.

Itinerary – making an itinerary is the biggest thrill of my life. I love travelling. I love going to new places and getting lost. But I also like having a list of things to do/places to see – so that I don’t spend all my time just wandering the streets aimlessly. I was hoping that this will be a travel blog but with the situation at hand, travelling seems off for atleast another 7-8 months. But here’s hoping I get to make another itinerary soon!

Packing list – another list that is related to travelling. I love making a long list of packing to be done before heading to a trip. As the days progress and I keep getting closer to the day of travel, I loving putting a check against all the items on the list (yes, like Ross and Monica from FRIENDS!).

These are some of my favourite lists. This post makes me sound like a neurotic person but trust me I’m fun and chill too. I just get a thrill from ticking off items from a list! Do you like making lists too?

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  1. TheHiddenEdge says:

    Yes – all the time, I hadn’t considered the itinerary list. But I do those too. Nothing to stop you stopping off if you spot something that takes your interest, but without a list, you may miss things of beauty that you just didn’t know about! πŸ‘

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  2. Lani says:

    I’m a fan of lists too, just like you and the same kinds! I heard somewhere that when you write down what you need to do the night before it frees up your mind, like you’re not trying to remember stuff to do, and then when you wake up – you have your list of things to do! So nice and esp helpful during lockdown πŸ˜‰

    Got to have a grocery store list so you don’t overspend and remember what to buy! The BF would laugh at me because I’d forget to bring the list


    Travel itineraries are another must if you are meeting friends or want to buy particular things, you have to write it all down! yes to lists!

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Truly! I think it’s the only thing sane during this lockdown – having my days planned in advance. I never end up sticking a 100% to my plan but I like that my day has a direction. ☺️

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      1. Lani says:

        Interestingly, I was going to recommend this very idea to friends but I didn’t feel like I do it enough to be like an “authority” on it. But yeah, it helps to bring structure and give you something to look forward to – both are HUGE.

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  3. ustome says:

    I do all those too!

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  4. Jeevanjot Ghuman says:

    I love making To do Lists and Shopping lists. Though they never work out for me, I enjoy the process.

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