1 | Review|Novel – “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi

My best friend gifted me this novel three years back when I was moving cities. In all the craze of unpacking, the novel got lost in all my stuff. Recently while packing to move again, I found the book hidden in a corner.

“Persepolis” is an illustrated novel written by Marjane Satrapi about the revolution in Iran and the impact on the lives of the Irani people. I haven’t read a lot of illustrated novels but I really enjoyed the illustrations in the novel. Given that the novel has a very serious theme, I was expecting the illustrations to take away from the seriousness but instead found it adding more imagery to the grimness of the story.

Story: The novel is based on Marjane’s childhood in an evolving Iran. The story follows Iran change from the westernised society under the Shah’s regime to the far opposite oppressed environment under the religious government. It tells the tale of the educated middle class trying to adapt to the changes while also trying to hold on to their own views and beliefs. The tale is beautifully told by combining the changes in Iran with the changes in the protagonist Marjane’s life as she grows up in an unstable Iran. Her words describing the struggles of her country and her own personal struggles are sure to make you feel her pain.

I really enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend it. The story is sometimes hard to follow since it becomes very grim and depressing but it’s a beautiful tale that the world needs to read.

One of the heart wrenching moments in the novel – when her parents bid her goodbye at the airport.
It would have been better to just go.”

What book are you currently reading? Do share your book recommendations in the comments.

Stay safe!

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