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I thought I’d be doing more book reviews than TV show/movie reviews but the last few weeks I’ve been hooked to different shows back to back. ‘Dead To Me‘, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and now, ‘Fuller House’. If you haven’t checked out my reviews for the other two shows, I’ve linked them!

I watched ‘Full House’ as a child and I loved that mad family. I didn’t watch all of it because in those days shows came on TV at a specific time and you either caught the episode or you missed it! Wow, I feel so old explaining this to the ‘Netflix Generation’. A few months back I rewatched Full House on Netflix. While I couldn’t relate a lot with the story line but I still loved all the quirky characters. After seeing ‘Fuller House’ in my recommendations for the past few months, I gave in and decided to give it a try.

Full disclosure, I had extremely low expectations from ‘Fuller House’. How often does a remake/newer version of an old movie stand up to the old one? But I was pleasantly surprised. The show picks up with the original kids from Full House all grown up. If you haven’t watched Full House, you may not understand all the references and jokes. You may also not understand the parallels in the storylines of both the shows. I’d recommend watching Full House if you haven’t.

STORY: DJ is reeling from the loss of her husband and having to manage her business as well as her three kids. Her sister, Stephanie, and her childhood best friend, Kimmy, move in to help her with running the household. The show revolves around the lives of the three friends as they help each other figure out life and find love.


  • I love comic family dramas! It’s so much fun watching this huge group of quirky people trying to fit in together and help each other. It’s a very easy watch.
  • Nostalgia – all the original cast members made a come back in the show barring the Olsen twins.
  • John Stamos – just because he’s gorgeous!
  • Girl friendship – the ‘she-wolf’ gang is at the centre of the show. It’s amazing to see women stand-up for each other and pull each other up without any competition or negative feelings.
  • Kimmy and Stephanie’s friendship is heart warming. They grew up disliking each other, never giving each other a chance but as adults they become dear friends.
  • Fast moving story line – so much happens in such a short duration of time and that worked for me. I found that the story line of “Full House” moved too slow.
  • All the love stories be it teenage or adult were very cute. They showed different kind of love stories through the protagonists.
  • Only 5 seasons – I like that the show wasn’t dragged and ended at the right point of time.


  • No Aunt Becky in season 5. Lori Laughlin who plays the character is under the scanner for a scam. She was dropped for the 5th season. But her character on the show was so lovable that it was a little sad to not have her back.
  • The end was a little too forced of a happy ending. I know I said this in my ‘Schitt’s Creek’ review too but I dislike how sometimes the ending is so over the top perfect.
  • Joey’s family is left out of all the big events. His family is shown to be annoying but it made no sense why they wouldn’t be a part of the bigger events impacting the family.

VERDICT: The show is very fun and relaxed. After a long day when you want to just relax and not use your brain much – this show is a perfect watch with a glass of wine. It’s definitely a feel good show. If you have watched ‘Full House’, then definitely watch this show. If you haven’t watched ‘Full House’, you could give it a pass.

YAY OR NAY: Yay for ‘Full House’ fans (7/10)

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