5 Blogging Mistakes I Make Because I’m Lazy

I am an extremely lazy person who should be made the queen of *Procrasti-NATION*. My laziness unfortunately comes in the way of me achieving a lot including making this blog bigger and better. If you are a new blogger, here are some mistakes I make because I’m lazy but you should totally avoid.

Mistake #1: Not replying to comments

I love interacting with bloggers but sometimes I get lazy and postpone replying to comments until I eventually just totally forget to reply. I love getting comments – they are the main reason I write. But when I’m lazy – I’m just lazy. If you are a new blogger, definitely make sure to reply to all the comments you get – that’s how you find your blogging family and make friends from around the world.

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Mistakes #2: Not marketing my blog

I don’t know why I’m scared to market my blog. I guess I don’t think it’s perfect and hence, feel scared to share it with people and really put it out there. I love when people discover it on their own and stick around because they really like my content. But if you’re looking to make money off your blog – definitely market it on social media and with your friends and family.

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Mistake #3: Not working on my blog’s SEO

Yes, it’s been a whole year of blogging and yes, I’m yet to work on SEO for my blog and posts. I enjoy the creative part of blogging but don’t enjoy the promotion and marketing part of it. If you are starting on your blogging journey, take out a few days to do a simple course on SEO to make your blog more successful to be able to make money off it.

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Mistake #4: Not sticking to a blogging schedule

I just can’t stick to a blogging schedule because of multiple reasons. First, I’m lazy and only get down to writing when I’m really in the zone and my creative juices are flowing. Second, I am too excited after writing to wait a week/10 days to post. I am lazy and lack discipline to stick to a schedule. But if you want more traffic to your blog and want to be more organized as a blogger – definitely stick to a blogging schedule.

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Mistake #5: Replying to emails

I get *some* mails from people asking me to review their books, websites or do a collaboration. While I try my best to reply to each, my laziness (add to that social anxiety) gets the better of me and often I postpone replying and ultimately forget to reply. I really mean to do better on this but my work, anxiety and laziness ensure I mess up on email replies. (Is replying after 3 weeks acceptable? 😦 ) If you are a new blogger or an old blogger – do not miss out on any opportunity to interact with bloggers, brands or even general audience reaching out to you for advice. Always ALWAYS reply to your emails.

PS: If you ever reached out to me and I didn’t reply – I AM SO SORRY!

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Is there a cure for laziness? If you’ve secretly chanced upon a potion that makes one less lazy – do share the recipe with me. But knowing me – I’ll probably just postpone making and drinking that too! (ARGHHH!) What are some blogging mistakes that you think you make?

PS: Go check out my other recent posts and let me know what you think-

PPS: If I didn’t reply to your mail in the past – do drop me a reminder mail and I’ll surely reply in 2-4 business weeks. 😀 JK! I’ll reply this time around, for sure, I promise!

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  1. No offence, but yes you did forgot to reply to the comments
    That’s one of the reasons why new viewers like me could refrain from connecting with you and your work.
    I am not criticizing you or your work, but I’m saying one of the reason why people wants to follow you is if you are responsive or not. At least, that’s what I see in any blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Panda says:

      Hahah, I get it but as someone with social anxiety (diagnosed anxiety) replying to all comments sometimes becomes overwhelming. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As you said to some other post that maybe you should only engage with those who seems to appreciate your work genuinely.


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