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I am in a REAL REAL REAL REAL bad mood right now and I need to vent so bad but since I am at work alone – I am going to vent here!

  1. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHEATS IN THE WORLD? If you are a follower you would know that I recently started my own business and while a majority of the people I am dealing with through this have been nice, some are just downright cheats. One vendor I am dealing with gave me substandard products and has disappeared after. On Amazon, so many Indian customers receive the right products but raise claims saying they have gotten something totally different and AMAZON just refunds them! While I, as a seller, can raise a claim and get the money refunded for the products but I am out of the money I spent on delivering those products. I JUST DON’T GET IT. I am not a perfect person but I really try to be a good person and just dealing with all these JERKS of the world makes me so so so disheartened and makes me feel like maybe I am TOO soft to run my own thing. And it isn’t even about the money – it is just the lack of principles that really demotivates me.
  2. Working for yourself is really exciting but it also gets lonely because I need to take all decisions myself and I just feel so tired without doing anything just because I spent so much time thinking. I also end up with these long TO-DOs and don’t end up getting anything done.
  3. I haven’t found time to do anything I like these past few days like read or write and it feels frustrating.
  4. My sleep cycle is messed up and I just feel like I am majorly failing at adulting.
  5. I baked cake day before yesterday and it turned out really bad – and ARGHAGHAGHGHAG
  6. My therapist said that I don’t open up to her and tell her stuff – but isn’t that her JOB to get me to open up? Why is that on me? I know I am being ridiculous but everything is just adding up and making me so so so angry.
  7. I see people posting travel photos and feel so much FOMO. All I want to do is to be on a beach somewhere drinking mimosas.

It feels so so stupid for writing all this instead of calling a friend and just talking about it but I just don’t feel like talking to anyone about it. I know this is all a part of adulting but why does it have to be SO hard? I don’t want to deal with the jerks of the world today. Somebody tell me what to do. 😦 😦 😦

PS: Ignore the terrible English and grammar

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  1. Some days are like that, Moksha. And there are a lot of cheats out there. It’s so unfair they simply lie and get the full amount as refund. I didn’t know that your products were listed on Amazon. Being your own boss can be hard. It’s not something I can relate to. At my workplace, we have discussions with the team and then arrive to a conclusion. I hope that you’ll get the time to read and write. Maybe a bit of relaxation is all you need and a good sleeping pattern. Sticking to the recipe and the exact measurements is very critical for baking. I have had a few disasters too. Don’t give up. Make sure you have a great recipe and then try it out 😃 I do that and it works wonders for my stress level. Seeing the photos that people post can fill anyone with FOMO. That’s the reason why I don’t log in to Instagram anymore. When I want to upload a photo, I do that and then slightly hang around. I don’t spend much time there. As for Facebook, it’s been months since I have opened that! I think WordPress will most probably be my most frequently used app.

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  2. Nehal Jain says:

    I don’t know what you can do, I am feeling very angry right now too 😕
    But, have you heard the album sour? by olivia rodrigo? if u havent u should, it relates on a deep level I think u might like it.
    Also not gonna lie, that statement by the therapist was just weird lol.
    Hope you feel better soon, di.

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  3. Jas krish says:

    Life has to be lived one day at a time…take it that way…do not overload your mind with too many thoughts….set the priorities realistically and just follow them… Yours is a single owner startup hence you will find yourself running short of time and ideas and top of the cheats you cime across in every business or profession…
    Stay calm…the world wants you to give up..but you know you won’t prioritise..note whats going wting and where you are going wrong….sort out what’s within your reach…seek help for things not in your control, if need be.
    As time passes and you gain experience you will find everything falling in place..
    Smile… Rest you must..prevent burn out
    Stay blessed..
    Keep at it..succeed you will.

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  4. mitchblue006 says:

    Hi!…I completely agree with the game being rigged, we as players in this game can see that the goalposts move all the time, and it’s always about being first rather than being authentic. I agree with the Overwhelm that a start-up must endure, and I have no light to shine to guide you on you way, all I practice daily is the “ONE THING” and the rest of the list follows that mantra. I struggle to write daily, but I know that if I get those early journaling done in my morning routine, then the rest of the day follows a rhythm of executing mini wins, however they may come, one at a time, and hope you have a better day! Ciao!

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  5. Shrubaboti says:

    I feel you and it’s such a real problem, the lack of sincerity among people. The way they would just put in the minimum efforts to get something done. Not even do that much with accountability. It’s pathetic and upsetting. I totally understand how frustrating that can be. You’re not failing at adulting, this is just how everyone of us struggles to get by. Adulting is full of disappointments punctuated by little tiny moments of kindness. Honestly, we crave for those moments. It’s natural. Venting is healthy by the way, and well therapy is a two way process, I don’t want to preach but I struggled a lot with opening up myself and resented the whole process. But it starts with you, they don’t do anything. They are there to guide you through the journey but the real work is literally done by you yourself. Take care, things often have a way of turning out well eventually. Your hardships now guarantee a less negative future. 🤗💜💜

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  6. I’m also in a very bad and angry mood right now. Someone stranger just joined our online class and started to leave rubbish messages. It was really annoying.
    Anyways, I hope you feel better soon Moksha. Take care!

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  7. Silver Stone says:

    Hey, I just want to say that it’s 1000% okay to rant and let it all out. We all have one of those days, we’re human after all, right? Your best bet is that you detox for sometime and clear your mind. Sadly, people take advantage of certain things just to “benefit” from them. Also, that statement by your therapist was rather ironic and weird. Like seriously: isn’t it their job to help someone deal with things??

    Hope you get better soon with plenty of sleep, Moksha! 🤗❤

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  8. Sorry, all that legitimately sucks and would piss me off too. As for cheats, 💯 there are terrible people out there doing business and only care about money. But there are also sooooo many amazingly good business men and women out there too, contributing amazing energy into the world. U just need to find better partners to work with who are as awesome as you, and u will! Don’t give up! Hang in friend 💖 This all will pass soon…

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  9. waynemullane says:

    Sorry to hear you’re going through that. Keep faith in what your doing. If it helps, when I have days or weeks when there’s loads going on, I go to YouTube and do a five or ten minute meditation – it just helps things calm down a bit. 🙂


  10. Shelly DS says:

    I’m sorry things aren’t moving perfectly, but you’re a tough cookie. Follow what your heart says is right and the business will thrive. You’ve got this!
    As for your therapist, it’s up to both of you to find a solution. Try to remember that she’s not against you. She’s trying to help you identify what is really bothering you, so even if you are constipated, tell her. 😉

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  11. My sleep schedule is also a disaster at this point. I’ve been unable to sleep up until five or six am and then I’ll stay in bed until four in the afternoon. So I tried to reset my body clock. Didn’t go to bed for thirty one odd hours and then finally got into bed the next day at eleven pm. Slept until three am and then stayed up for an hour, still in bed. Then slept until eleven, got up for college until fifteen past one and then slept again till four! Definitely need a sleep specialist.

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  12. Things right now seem super frustrating for everyone, we are all going nuts. I am sorry you had to deal with cheats, just ignore those people, God will take care of them. Your buisness will flourish don’t worry one bit, I am soo proud of you for being your own boss and starting a buisness by yourself, it’s not something that many have the courage to do! 💕
    Get some sleep and take a day off for yourself. ♥️🙌


  13. bosssybabe says:

    Aww sorry you’re having a tough day/time! I totally get it… You’re stuck, you want to vent… Do you necessarily want advice? Maybe, but honestly a vent sesh probably/hopefully made you feel better? 🙂 things will get better and sort itself out as long as you’re still passionate about what you do, I believe it! ❤️🙏🤓


  14. Srishty says:

    Hey Mukesh, i relate so hard to #3 and failing at adulting but i know one thing about you – you never cut yourself any slack. you are doing great and the best thing is us being able to identify what’s wrong or what are we disliking. even that’s enough, you know. you dont have to (and can’t really) fix everything immediately (e.g. struggling to wake up slightly before my office is a daily struggle and then i crib about not getting time for chilling, so even if i wake up 15 mins before my expected wake up time, i appreciate my effort 😀 ). i would think this would also apply to your business although i cant imagine what it is like. what i mean is, have you ever been in another working environment where you didnt meet jerks? but you sailed through it amazingly & you need to appreciate yourself for it. apart from all this, i am just a call away 🙂


  15. I’m glad you too the chance to rant and let it all out. There are so many selfish people in the world who don’t care about who they’re hurting. I know it sucks, but don’t give up on your dreams!


  16. Hope you are on the learning curve and meeting cheats and handling them is the nuisance and nonsense of the business


  17. I’m sorry things aren’t going well for you right now. It is okay to vent. Sometimes just getting it out helps. Maybe you can also try writing a post or a list about all the great things going on right now so you can find a balance. Things will improve! ❤️☀️🙂


  18. vaniheart says:

    I can understand how frustrated you are feeling but this shall too pass!!!❤❤


  19. utahan15 says:

    some are bad
    and at times you can be had
    it is sad so
    you know
    a lesson
    in the learning
    and write
    right on
    about it
    shout it out
    and then let it go~


  20. says:

    Moksha, Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having right now in business, that sucks!

    One thingyou said popped out to me: that you’re not getting enough or good sleep!

    Our ability to handle even small problems circles around sleep! When we get sleep deprived, from not enough hours of sleep, or lack of quality sleep, our ability to handle our lives goes down the drain!

    I started taking CBD at the beginning of the pandemic, and now am taking 3 x 15 mg capsules with melatonin. This has helped with anxiety and helps me to sleep well and on a regular schedule! I take them around 1/2 hour before I go to sleep so it has time to start working. I know that during the pandemic everyone’s sleep schedules got upended, and I tried to keep mine on a regular schedule, the CBD definitely helped me with that!

    When you’re in business, you’re in it for the long haul, so taking care of yourself is a #1 priority to allow that to happen! A going to bed-time ritual is just as important as a regular bedtime! Next on the list is good nutrition! Next is scheduling some time for yourself during the day! Would taking time midday not only to eat, but to read and write a little help? What about other mini breaks?

    I find I need to do this for myself, and to remind my daughter to do, when she feels overwhelmed as a single mom!

    I suggest keeping an Anxiety and/or an anger journal to write in when things come up during the day which bother you. (I offer Guided Journals which ask specific questions to help refocus the mind to be able to get those issues off your chest, plust be able to see patterns of thought and behavior which contribute to the stress!) These are then points to talk over with your therapist!

    I’ve also heard that some people will hire a business coach for a few hours to help them pinpoint the problems and to find workable solutions to be able to run a business with less headaches!

    All these things combined contribute to mental health issues, not only for you, but for many people around the world, so finding workable solutions and implementing them are vital to each of us!

    #1: take care of your physical health needs, everything else flows from that!

    hugs and love,


  21. Sarah Davis says:

    I feel you. Different circumstances, but similar feeling. I’ve felt so off for the past week alternating between anger or just wanting to cry and not truly understanding the reason for either. Hang in there. Downtime is necessary.

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  22. Katie says:

    I’m so sorry! Sending positive vibes and happy thoughts your way!

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  23. akshita1776 says:

    The feeling’s relateable!! The world is tires me
    Usually what helps me is clearing out my schedule to do the things I love


  24. You are doing so much with your business so don’t give up now. It can feel like everything is against you when you are battling with something but hold on in there. Everything will work out in the end!

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  25. thefiftyedit says:

    Let it all out, girl. That’s the beauty of having a blog. 😉 Hope you’re feeling better.

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  26. samsahana says:

    This sounds very rough. It’s easy to say “There are jerks everywhere and You will get used to it” but it must be very hard for you since you’re only just starting and it’s much harder since you have to be your own boss. I pray things get easier for you soon. Meanwhile, please meditate, feed yourself something great, read and do things you love. When things are getting out of hand, good food usually helps 😉 Please remember not to be too rough on yourself. It’s hard, but don’t be hard on yourself, plz plz plz! Here’s a treat for you 🍥🍧 Get better soon, mentally and emotionally 🤍🤍🌸😊 “May the force be with you!”

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  27. Shahrin says:

    Moksha🤗 *giving you major hugs through the screen*

    Some days are just pure BAD. It’s okay. It will be fine. You are going to be fine. Breathe. Hope you feel better soon xx


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