Things I Wish For My Country This Independence Day

15th August 1947

75 years ago India got independence from our colonists. The British left our country – battered, bruised and broken (literally). From being the golden bird (for the vast wealth our country had) to a partitioned, war struck country to a rising economic global power – India has transitioned through it all in the last 300 years. While we are doing better in some arenas, we are not doing all that great in some others and here are somethings I wish and want for my India –

Delhi – capital of India

1. Population control – if you are an Indian reading this, I am sure you couldn’t agree more with me about how most of our issues stem from our ever increasing population. Despite having vaccinated more number of people than the US (over 50% vaccinated), we have just been able to vaccinate 10% of our adult population. I hope us, the future generation, is able to change things by having fewer kids (or in my case – no kids) as well as educating those around us to have lesser children.

2. Be united irrespective of caste, religion, region – India has a beautiful amalgamation of so many different cultures. I really hope that we are able to look past all the differences and be united for a better tomorrow for our country.

Photo by Prabhala Raghuvir on

3. Have an opinion – It really disappoints me when the masses don’t have an opinion on matters that impact the entire country because they don’t personally impact them. I really wish that we have more ‘woke’ people who have an opinion, any opinion, on the things happening in the country.

4. Younger leaders – I know most leaders across the globe are more aged (Joe Biden is 78!!??!!) but we need that to change in our country. I wish more youngsters choose to enter the world of politics and lead this country to our next phase. We need young blood (like Jacinda Ardern *claps for her*) to charter a path that focuses only on development. Honestly, I think no one above the age of 56 years should be allowed to become the Prime Minister. Also, all ministers MUST retire by the of 60 years old. This is the only way to ensure that younger people get a proper opportunity.

Jacinda Ardern - Wikipedia
So impressive!

5. Stronger laws for government agencies – Police brutality has increased SO much in the past few years. Add to that all the never ending corruption (the amount of money the police must have made for themselves fining people not wearing a mask). The crazy fact is that there is NO action taken against these agencies. We need stricter laws for all government agencies.

6. Change in how the President is selected – We can all agree that the role the President of India plays is miniscule. But this structure helped to ensure that bills passed in the Parliament had a reviewer before they were implemented. Over the past few terms with the majority government placing their man in the chair (I think the last commendable president was APJ Abdul Kalam)- this review role has also become moot. Which makes me think that a revision is needed for how the President is selected.

7. Smash patriarchy – we are all DONE with patriarchy, we need an India where women are safer, freer and treated as equals to men. No more she was asking for it because “she was wearing jeans” or” she was out late at night”. No more expecting the woman to slave away in the kitchen and manage the kids. No more women taking their husband’s last name. No more child taking the father’s last name. We need more women leaders (Mahua Moitra – you go, girl!). We need more women CEOs (looking at you and up to you – Falguni Nayar). Let’s usher in the age of women power in India.

Falguni Nayar gets her turn as billionaire startup CEO with Nykaa IPO |  Business Standard News
What she has done with Nykaa!!

8. Sustainable India – Even as I type it I know that this dream is far far away from reality. But I hope all of us work towards a a greener, cleaner and waste free India.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. These are some changes that should be ushered in indeed. I’m with you on this, Moksha

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  2. Vanya says:

    I hope someday these changes will come. Happy Independence day 💐

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  3. Happy Independence Day 🌺

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  4. Jas krish says:

    Very thoughtful article.Yes , the nation has a long way to go specially in the field of casteism , women liberation, education and quality of our policy makers.
    Stay blessed Moksha..
    Keep blogging .
    Happy Independence Day.

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  5. bosssybabe says:

    Happy Independence day! 🙌🙏

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  6. We all want this to happen. Beautifully articulated! ❤️

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  7. Wonani says:

    Totally agreed!! It would be great to see young people in leadership positions.
    May all your wishes come true!

    Happy Independence Day! 🎉

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  8. akshita1776 says:

    I agree! We need more youth to participate, patriarchy should be absolutely gone and intolerance has to decrease
    Happy Independence Day !

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  9. winteroseca says:

    Happy Independence Day! I love your list too ❤

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  10. petespringerauthor says:

    Happy Independence Day! I like how your goals are for the greater good of all.

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  11. SamSahana says:

    How did I miss this amazing post? Agree with EVERY SINGLE point you’ve mentioned here. Liked the way you started with birth control as the first point because our population is single-handedly responsible for almost all of our problems. You are really very inspiring for how much little carbon footprint you leave. The fact that you don’t want children in this country where every one wants 10 is lovely! I often tell my friends that I’ll never marry or have children and they are all surprised how one does not “want to pass on their genes.” Jacinda Adern is a commendable example! Props to you for writing this post. You said it loud and clear for all of us. Loved it beginning to end 🤍


    1. SamSahana says:

      Sorry for the super long comment 😅 Your strong opinions and beautiful wishes for our country kinda excited me a lot 😅


  12. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says:

    It’s desire and wish to see young people taking leadership positions.


  13. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says:

    It’s my desire and hope to see young people taking leadership positions. Especially in South Africa. We have a lot of older leaders in the ruling party

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      I think that is the case around the globe unfortunately – which is why decision making is so slo and outdated. 😒 We need younger people at the helm!


  14. Lokesh Sastya says:

    Today I was thinking about the same topic. I come to the concept like ‘New India’.

    As you mentioned population is a big issue and other points are too valid.

    We need a new vision in terms of leadership. India is living in the early 20s era. We have to accept modernity and technology in the way they are. (Questioning science based on irrational religious views is irrelevant.)

    Strong societal construction and Sustainable Development lead us forward. 👍


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