Heart Broken – Rant Alert

So I wrote this last night as the world watched the horrific scenes from around Afghanistan. I didn’t post it because I know a lot of people following me are going to be upset about me attacking their countries. So before you read ahead, you should know that this isn’t about the people of any country – this is about the policies made by those in power, the governments elected in those countries. I truly believe that all people deep down are just trying their best to do what is right but sometimes we get so involved in our own lives that we don’t speak up about things that don’t directly impact us. We don’t raise questions on those we elect to power and we sit quietly as they commit horrendous mistakes or we find ways to justify it. I write this calmly today morning – after having spent a night filled with nightmares – filled with the images and stories from Afghanistan. I totally understand if you do not agree with my views – we are all allowed to have our own views and I’d love to hear your views in the comments.


I’ve left work and spent the past hour watching visuals and reading stories from Afghanistan. I am numb and heart broken. I can’t even begin to understand what Afghani people are feeling right now – desperate enough to hold on to the US planes leaving Kabul? Choosing to plummet to death instead of living in a Taliban controlled country. I am shook. I am angry.

I am seething with anger which is primarily targeted at the great nation USA. Why the fuck do they have a right to meddle in other countries and leave them broken? You create Taliban for your own motives. You attack Afghanistan under the guise of looking for Osama (who was in Pakistan – one of your closest allies then). You kill thousands of innocent Afghan civilians. Do you destroy Taliban? No. Even though you spend billions of your own tax payers hard earned dollars. And then one day you’re like fuck it, I’m bored, I’m leaving. It is high time someone raises questions to these great countries that get away with doing whatever the fuck they want. Why is America let off the hook for all the innocent lives they’ve taken? It is the ONLY country in the world to have used nuclear weapons till date. We need accountability to be placed on these “so called” superpowers.

And where the hell is UN? Oh, I forgot “the US of A” controls whatever it is that the UN is supposed to do. Taliban is a TERRORIST organization – isn’t that what US of A said when they attacked Afghanistan? So why is the UN quiet right now?

And if any Americans say that it isn’t Biden but Trump who started this roll back – uhmm, Biden could have delayed the roll back. 20 years gone how much worse could it have been to delay it by a few months or worked out a solution for this problem in the UNSC? Especially in the last 2 weeks when the world could see the horrors unrolling.

And ofcourse the other very great so called super powers – who are sitting mum on the sidelines but will start crying the second refugees start pouring into their country. (Thank you Canada for atleast trying *googles Canada PR*)

And of course my own very very amazing country whose government hasn’t raised a single eyebrow while its neighbours cohort to create this chaos. *slow claps*

What can be even said about my country’s two neighbours – shitty shitty governments. I truly believe their government’s motto is – if we can’t do good for our own we will ensure we do bad for others.

It all boils down to the fact that a third world country’s person’s life holds absolutely no worth. Even lesser value is placed on a woman’s life.

Women across Afghanistan are paying the price for the incompetence of the governments across the world. They are being forced to marry Taliban fighters at as young an age as 12. They are being pulled out of school and not allowed to work. They are being forced to adhere to the Taliban’s dress code. Their voices are and will be quashed and all the progress that was made in the last 20 years has been erased in 20 days.

What can you do now? Tag your government representatives in posts about Afghanistan. Force it in their faces – make them aware of how their incompetence has led to this. Donate to organizations who are helping all those displaced by this war. And most importantly speak up. Its all our collective silence that has led to this and impacted millions of lives.

Please note that NONE of this anger is towards the people of any nationality but against the governments we have elected and keep electing. You NEED to care even if this doesn’t impact your life directly. You have to care because only we can make sure this never happens again.

If you are still offended – I really really don’t mind losing followers – unfollow away.

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  1. Shahrin says:

    I too watched the video of people clinging onto USA’s military plane -it is beyond heartbreaking to say the least. A lot of question is being asked of America and rightly so but the UK has done exactly the same. They went as far as to put a pause on scholarships on those Afghan students who were trying so hard to get a decent education, thankfully now they have lifted the ban. I mean -you can’t make this shit up. It’s the policies, the politician that make all these promises only to leave you (in the middle of the night in their cosy military airplane) & in a national press conference tell you to sort your mess out. The question is who created this mess? 20 years, tax payers money, sacrifices, lives lost & promise of liberation -all was in vain…

    The biggest foreign policy fail since world war 2. Why would anyone ever trust another word out of politicians?

    This world makes me SO SO SO sad!

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  2. Thank u for writing and sharing. I agree with everything you’re saying 💔😔


  3. Lili says:

    ahh, I agree. I literally agree with everything you’ve said in this post it is so damn true. I know it might offend people but its truth and the truth hurts.
    The president of Afghanistan ran away like honestly what the actual hell? Isn’t the president like supposed to look after his/her country?
    And a woman shot just because she wasn’t wearing ‘proper’ attire? Like hello? Girls being married to Talibans oh my gosh I can’t even imagine the pain. Where did the woman rights go 😡
    I totally agree with the government parts, we just watched the chaos go on, imagine if we were in the situation, *sighs in disappointment* Afghanistan must’ve felt so helpless :c
    The UN, I KNOW RIGHT, WHERE IS THE DAMN UN??? Why are they so silent I don’t get it, it’s so unfair >:c
    I love how you ended the post, and this needs more attention


  4. Divi says:

    One hundred percent, every single word here is true. No organisation has the right to endanger innocent lives. Thank you for sharing this, it needs to be heard out loud.

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  5. https://tamarakulish.com/ says:

    I feel your anger and your anguish. I too feel those emotions as I see all that is unfolding in Afghanistan. As a newer citizen of the USA, I stand on the sidelines shaking my head at much of the politics and the politicizing of tragedies. People here too are questioning why Biden had all the troops pull out of the entire area so quickly. Former military leaders are being interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio) and right now there’s a LOT of finger pointing. Many Americans are saying we need to evacuate all the Afghanis who helped us, as well as their families. I too wish the situation could have been handled differently. Some military and/or political leaders are saying there was no way to have predicted that the Afghan military would fall as quickly as it did, since they had been trained by the American military, and others are saying yes, the signs were there all through the 20 years that this would happen. I’m learning that the sanest and the wisest among us aren’t necessarily the ones in power nor are they making the decisions. (In fact, the sanest and the wisest seem to choose not to get into politics because of the crazy making that occurs.)

    My heart is with the people who are suffering untold terrors and whose lives have been ripped apart. All I can do is send blessings of hope for their protection and help for their families.


  6. SamSahana says:

    👏👏 I applaud you for writing about this! How necessary it is to speak out at this moment! We as common people can contribute by donating and Ofcourse, tweeting, but our governments clearly have more say, which they are not putting to use. The part where you said “If you’re from a third world country and especially if you are a woman, your life doesn’t matter.” How true! Really REALLY terrible to see their plight. Felt so suffocated reading it and looking at the pictures. Wish there was more we could do… Thansk for writing about this! Have to agree with every single thing you said there. 👏


    1. SamSahana says:

      The US has a reputation of butting into evryboddy’s business. This just looks like the Vietnam war repeating itself. Last time, it did not end well for the US. Given how history is repeating itself with remarkable accuracy, one can predict what would happen this time too. As you said, no other country has used nuclear weapons before too. They’re definitely overdoing it on their part.


  7. winteroseca says:

    Thank you for sharing. I completely agree about needing to elect representatives who raise questions about these things. Of course, as a US citizen who has also lived in other countries, you really see how the news in the US basically never covers the full story on these things and covers up what our president is actually doing. It’s a vicious cycle that’s gone on for decades. Even if you try talking to other Americans about what you have learned, they will literally brush you off and verbally assault you for it! I was just lucky to grow up in a family that always seeks out independent news and has lived in other countries and talked to lots of people from different backgrounds. I wish that for all Americans, but it’s hard to see that changing any time soon


  8. thefiftyedit says:

    I figured out the UN was useless during the Rwanda genocide debacle. I agree this situation is disastrous on every level. Believe me, there are many, many westerners that absolutely do not agree with what happened. I don’t even know how this is going to be fixed. That remains to be seen.


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