The Goddess Skincare Counter Tour

I am obsessed with skincare – taking care of my skin, trying new products, reading about new ingredients and following dermatologists on social media. My routine has evolved a LOT over the past few years. I terribly regret not looking after my skin in my early-mid twenties and cringe when I remember that I used to not use sunscreen on a daily basis. (UFFF) I became addicted to skincare in 2019 and most of the products I used to use were general products from global brands. But over the past year, I’ve worked to understand and specifically curate a skincare regime suitable for my skin type (acne prone) and with Indian brand products only. The idea is to support local as well as choose skincare specifically created for Indian skin types. I also don’t use a lot of make-up – sticking to only my kajal and lipstick on a daily basis.

My crazy messy skin care drawer

I don’t post a lot about the specific products I use because first, I am not a dermat or even someone with a 100% knowledge about all skincare products and second, I believe that skincare is personal and what suits me might not suit someone else. So I want to begin by adding this disclaimer that while I absolutely love these products – please only buy or use them after doing your own research into each of them.

If you haven’t guessed already, the reason the title has the word Goddess is because my Goddess friend – Libby – nominated me for this post. Libby never fails to remind me of the Goddess within me and hence, the title.

So most of my every day use skincare products I leave on my washroom counter for easy access. My washroom drawers are filled with backup products or products I ordered and didn’t end up liking. I also have a lot of empty dropper bottles that I have collected – which I’m not sure how to reuse (any ideas?).

My normal skincare routine products

So without further ado, here is what is on my skincare counter (brand wise) –


Products I use –

  1. Re’equil Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin
  2. Re’equil Face Moisturizer
  3. Re’equil Eye cream
  4. Re’equil Under arm cream

I came across this brand quite randomly last year and fell in love with their products. I was looking for a sunscreen without a white cast (brown girl woes) that didn’t make me feel tacky and Re’equil has come amazing sunscreen options. I’ve tried 3 of their sunscreens and the one that works the best for me is the one for sensitive skin. I also use their moisturizer in my AM routine and eye cream in my PM routine. The under arm cream might be an odd one for a lot of people. I tend to sweat A LOT which leads to some under arm BO. (TMI?) While I usually wear a lot of perfume to make sure it isn’t a problem, I still feel very conscious about it especially after working out in the gym. After trying a lot of products to help reduce under arm sweating and BO – I came across this cream which is so so effective. I use it twice daily and have had reduced sweating and no BO. (YAY)

The Minimalist

Products I use –

  1. 2% Granative Retinoid
  2. 10% Niacinamide with Zinc
  3. Multi peptide serum
  4. Salicylic acid face wash

I was originally very put off with this brand since it basically copied its entire packaging from The Ordinary but having used many (8-9) of their products – I LOVE this brand now. I use niacinamide in my AM routine and retinoid in the PM routine. I’ve recently started using the multi-peptide serum with retinoid in my PM routine since colder weather means drier skin. I don’t use the salicylic acid face wash very often but I use it once/twice a week in my AM routine.

Kama Ayurveda

My face wash and neem bathing soap (I made that soap dish)
  1. Pure Rose Water
  2. Jasmine Face Cleanser

Kama is one of my favourite Indian brands mainly because the products of theirs I have used have all worked well for me. I love using their rose water after coming back from work to just give my face some love. Their jasmine face cleanser is my favourite facewash till date. It is so effective in even removing my waterproof kajal. It is my AM & PM facewash.


  1. E-Luminence Cleansing Balm Encriched With Vitamin E

Even if you don’t use heavy make-up on your face, double cleansing is helpful in removing excess dirt and sunscreen from your face. I use this balm as a first step in my PM routine to cleanse my face. It melts between your fingers to become an oil like cleanser and removes makeup effectively. I follow it up with my Kama face wash.


  1. Hair Gain Vitalizer Serum

I was losing A LOT of hair in May-June. I started using this hair vitalizer oil and my hair loss has reduced by 80%. I can’t recommend this enough and use it every day in the morning and night. I’ve gotten so many other friends and family hooked to this product. It is a watery serum so you can use it on a daily basis without worrying about it making your scalp oily. It has a lot of fragrance – something that takes getting used to but otherwise this product is one of my favourite products ever.

Moksha + The Native Circle

  1. Brahmi Hair Oil
  2. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  3. Moringa Lip Balm

Not self promoting my brand but I use the oils as part of my hair wash routine – brahmi oil before and coconut oil on my clean damp hair. I use the lip balm as part of my night routine to wake up to plump, moisturized lips (especially more in winters since my lips get very dry and chapped).


  1. Water Sleeping Mask

The only non-Indian brand product in my routine is the brilliant water sleeping mask by Laniege (K-beauty). I started using this 2 years back and haven’t found any night time moisturizer that compares. Since I have acne prone-normal skin – this works wonders to not make my skin feel oily and heavy. I wake up to well moisturized and happy skin. This is also one of the few products that I haven’t changed in my skincare routine over the past few years. (if you see my drawer photos – you’ll see that I’ve hoarded multiples of this product)

Some back ups and some products that didn’t suit me. Plus the little Estee Lauder Night Serum dropper bottles.

So that was a tour of my skin care cabinet. Are these the only products I use? No, I do experiment from time to time (I recently tried a bunch of Murad products and they gave me a bad reaction), I also use other body care products that I haven’t included in this post. Are you skincare obsessed? What are some products that you use?

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Note: some of the links are affiliate links meaning it won’t cost you any extra to shop using them but will help me earn a little something from your purchase.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh I can so much relate to this. I have been in a search of a perfect skincare routine for my skin since a long time. And half way there. Thank-you for this post. I will definitely try some of this. And it’s true that the products suitable for me are not necessary to be suitable for others. Our skin types vary, so does products that suits us. We have to try ourselves rather on completely relying to product reviews. But somewhere I think this is a very wallet draining process. Isn’t it? That frustrates me even more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Panda says:

      It is wallet draining!! And I hate wasting products but when something just doesn’t suit me, I’m scared to even give it to a family member to use up. 🙈
      But I’m impressed with how much Indian skincare brands have evolved over the past 2-3 years.


  2. Ohhh you know I loved reading this! It was actually like listening to myself ha! I love it 💖 you’re a true goddess with you’re own style and you’re own regimen that you’ve developed over time, and I LOVE that!! Hm used dropper bottles, I’m obsessed with miniature glass bottles and kind of collect them for no reason (my boyfriend says I’m a hoarder of them ha!). But I do use a few to put out on a counter or table with some water and just a few pretty twigs or seasonal little flowers, weeds, berries, thistles, anything that’s little and pretty. And it looks really cute. That’s the only way I’ve come up with a use for these so far! Thanks for this post, it was so so fun! xoxox 🌺


  3. Katie says:

    I’m so obsessed with skincare! This was such a fun post – I’ll have to check out some of these products. My current favorite is a ginseng face mask from a brand called I’m From. Soothing, relaxing, and makes my skin feel so soft.


  4. Wonani says:

    I love seeing what people’s skincare looks like.

    I may actually be trying Minimalist soon. I usually use The Ordinary’s Niacinamide serum but I’m willing to try Minimalist if the end result is the same.

    You are right though. They literally copied The Ordinary’s packaging. 😂

    Such a fun read!


  5. thefiftyedit says:

    I’ve read great reviews of the Laneige sleeping mask. It’s on my list of items to try.


  6. bosssybabe says:

    Great post! I’m not a huge skin products type of gal – not because I don’t care. I do care but I guess not enough because I’m too lazy to take care of my face! I guess it’s karma for someone who doesn’t care enough to take care of their own skin! Eek! I told Libby I’ve been in the search for a great moisturizer. Sadly, I’m a very oily chick and it’s been difficult trying to find something that works for my skin combination! I read some good reviews online about a new gel moisturizing (nothing fancy) so I’m trying that out now! Wish me luck!


  7. That is a lot for me to grasp ! 😀 😀


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