Ekta- The Talk Show- Special Episode

This month, Ekta is taking a different form. If you’re new here and have no clue as to what I’m going on about, do keep reading as we have something super promising coming ahead! Hesitate not to check out some of the older episodes in this series Ep-1, Ep-2 and Ep-3. Photo by freestocks.org from […]

Ekta- The Talk Show- Special Episode

Hello Hello,

It’s the morning after Diwali and the news channels have been reporting on the poor air quality in and around the capital city. While the Delhi government did announce a total ban on firecrackers, a lot of people still decided to celebrate Diwali with crackers and unfortunately the aftermath is a grey smog all over the city. In the spirit of debating both the sides, me and Sam had a conversation on crackers. Do read it and share your views.

Happy Diwali ❤️

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  1. SamSahana says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I read about Delhi in the news too- it’s pathetic, the air quality is reaching “severe” levels. If I lived there, I wouldn’t be bursting crackers either, especially with a ban. This year, I haven’t heard or seen firecrackers HALF as much as I used to. (But this is a different city from the one I lived in before, so that has to explain it a bit) I had a scaled down celebration myself, with just one bomb-ish cracker, apart from helping my 6 year old friends with flower pots and the Chakra 😉 I’m not a fan of the explosive ones that make a lot of noise, but the fancy ground ones still capture my fancy 🙈 I only hope the industry doesn’t die and that environment-friendly alternatives can be found soon.
    Hope you had a Wonderful Diwali.

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Definitely hoping for more environment friendly alternates!! 🙂 ❤


  2. bosssybabe says:

    The firecrackers were abundant in my neighbourhood last night 🙂

    I was a bit skittish about it waking up Charlotte but luckily not the case! Happy Diwali 😊❤️

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Same – I am just hoping that people are done with it! I don’t get the obsession with fire crackers especially with adults. :/

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  3. Such a fun and dynamic dialogue! And also quite serious, oy. Thank you for bringing this discussion into the light. 🎆

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