Happy Panda’s 2022 New Year Resolutions

Do I believe in New Year resolutions? Hell, no! Do I still make some every year? Yes. More than deciding that I am going to change my life around from 1st January, my new year resolutions are more like plans and hopes for the new year. Most of the base work for my 2022 resolutions have started this year itself but will hopefully culminate in 2022.

Here are my 2022 New Year Resolutions –

What are your new year resolutions? Are you excited to say bye to 2021? I sure am!

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  1. SamSahana says:

    Congrats on finishing 22 books in 2021! That’s commendable. I know there are people who read 100+ but that’s too filmy and unrealistic.
    Good luck with attaining your targets in 2022. Wishing you a fabulous New Year!! 💖🤝


  2. Great goals! Good luck! Let’s hope the new year will bring us more happiness, health and joy 🎊


  3. My resolution for 2022 is to cut down on sweets. But frankly, I don’t think that’ll work out. Anyway, good luck with yours. Have a happy new year!


  4. Nice New year Resolutions!Wish you all success in achieving them in the New year -2022! All the best dear💖


  5. Nice one… Resolutions are hard to keep in most of time so some people prefer not to make any so they just do what’s best for the moment.


  6. Great new year resolutions Moksha👌 but can you resist Netflix(just kidding) 😊


  7. Good luck with these, they all sound like good ones. I also always make New Years resolutions, and I don’t necessarily always stick to them, but at the same time I think there has been enough of 2021 and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 holds 🙂

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  8. I love how you’re mindful about New Year’s goals and plans. I definitely believe NY Resolutions are overrated, especially because having been exposed to Russian culture, they say that you spend the New Year the way you meet it. There is a degree of truth to it!


  9. https://tamarakulish.com/ says:

    I’ve stopped the practice of setting resolutions instead I set goals. I try not to give myself too many at once, instead I prefer to work on one or two things and look at what I need to do afterwards!

    By choosing one or two things to work on, I list the steps I need to do to accomplish this and set out to do it. Sometimes a timeline is involved, often it’s not.

    This has reduced my anxiety tremendously!

    I admire your intentions! Wishing you all the best!


  10. bosssybabe says:

    Great list! I can definitely relate to reading more and making the best use of days off (also, less time on YouTube)!!!

    Do I believe in resolutions? I don’t make specific resolutions anymore like read 35 books and workout 5 days per week.. for me it’s just intentions.. I intend to read much more than I did last year or I intend be healthier .. much like your list! Good luck in 2022, we can do it! Happy new year!!! 🙂


  11. petespringerauthor says:

    Nicely done! Most of these are realistic and measurable. I like that you’re finding a balance between financial and personal goals. Being wise with money allowed my wife and me to retire at a relatively young age. Now, if the darn world would cooperate, maybe we could travel a little more.


  12. Shelly DS says:

    Less time on Netflix? Lol that’s one we should all have on our lists!


  13. soooo laughing Ru 🤣🤣🤣🤣 bood luck with yours
    “Do I believe in New Year resolutions? Hell, no! Do I still make some every year? Yes.”


  14. Anne Novek says:

    Great list! Making the best of days off is so important and I think we often forget about it – but maybe it goes hand in hand with reducing some Netflix time. I know it does for me, anyway!


  15. AKwafrigeria says:

    Happy new year dear , remember less time on Netflix and insta ☺️

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Hhahaha. Thanks for the reminder. I disabled my IG for now. Netflix I’m working to reduce. 🙈🙈
      Happy New Year 💗

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  16. Great goals and good luck on your 30books. I know you’ll even surpass that.
    Less time on Netflix😂😂😂


  17. appamprawns says:

    Love the resolution make the best of days off – awesome ! Happy 2022!!


  18. appamprawns says:

    Am sharing a post I wrote on how my new year resolution plans changed last minute and that’s okay. Do read!


  19. jdelancy says:

    I love resolutions but understand why so many people dislike them. Years ago I learned that vague resolutions quickly die. The secret is to be specific and simple. Not ‘Get Healthy’, but “I will walk for 30 minutes after lunch.”. “I will read for at least 30 minutes every day” brings more enjoyment probably because there is a clear ending period if you are distracted or not enjoying the book.
    I hope this helps, and good luck.


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