Small Business Owner – Why Did I Quit My Corporate Job To Start My Own Business

It feels so weird to call myself a business owner – even though it was always my dream to run my own venture. I launched my brand of sustainable products in April 2021. While I am still working on making it profitable, it’s been a helluva journey. A lot of people express their surprise when they learn that I left my cushy corporate job (with a big global bank) to pursue this journey. It’s definitely been a crazy change – the biggest being accepting that I won’t be getting a steady income for a while atleast. Despite it being totally out of my comfort zone, why did I decide to pursue this journey?

  • My corporate job didn’t fuel my passion – as much as social media makes out a 9-5 job to be bad – it isn’t necessarily. There are a lot of people who thrive in the corporate world. However, I didn’t feel like I was happy with the work I was doing and didn’t feel like working just for money. I was constantly looking for a purpose, some sort of meaning which I couldn’t find in the corporate world.
  • I want to leave a legacy – people think that a legacy means something that might impact millions of people. But in my head even if I’m able to help thousands of people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, I’d have left a mark on the future of this world.
  • I’m a dreamer and don’t necessarily have the skills to fit into the corporate world.

But was the journey and the decision to leave a well paid banking job easy? Hell no. I had so many people dissuade me. Have I had doubts over my decision? Many times (especially with my dwindling accounts). Have I been scared? So many times. Have I wanted to give up and pack it up? Yes. But has it be an awesome journey? Yessss.

If you are planning on starting your small business own business anytime soon, you should know –

  • The pay isn’t steady
  • The rewards aren’t steady – you might have a great month followed by months of abysmal returns
  • You should have some safety net of savings to depend on
  • You need to be prepared for failure and have a back-up plan
  • You need to be practical about business decisions (instead of emotional)
  • You need to network all the time (my biggest problem with the corporate world)
  • You need to have faith in yourself and your venture

I’ve been meaning to write more about my journey and guide more people on their journey to starting their own businesses. So let me know if you’d like to read more about this.

If you’d like to support my small business – shop my brand at Moksha or follow us on Instagram.

Note: This post has been written for Bloganuary on the prompt ‘when was the last time you left your comfort zone’

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  1. Jas krish says:

    Right got to move out of comfort zone to make a mark. No job can fully satisfy a human mind ..basically because you are not the ultimate decision maker. Life is full of struggle or job nothing comes easy then why not devote time and energy in something which your own. Not many have the courage to take a plunge into a startup like you have done. But then success comes to only those who take risks..
    God bless you..

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  2. Shelly DS says:

    Jeez youโ€™re brave! Like real brave! Weโ€™ve chatted about this offline, but I canโ€™t see myself ditching the corporate world for a passion project. That being said, I admire you for doing it and really hope your business becomes a huge success! ๐Ÿ˜˜


  3. Iโ€™m rooting for you and The Moksha Life!!!! ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜˜


  4. I love how honest you are about this. I’m starting a business and I’m nodding all the way through this. I do feel weird about networking too. Then, I read this book Superconnector by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh. It’s very validating


  5. Congratulations on quitting and working toward your dreams ๐Ÿ‘ I think that is amazing.


  6. says:

    Bravo to you for following your heart! Wishing you much success!


  7. bosssybabe says:

    It takes a lot of courage to leave something comfortable in order to chase your passions in the unknown… you’ve lifted off and done so as gracefully as anyone could have! Well done! I’m not a business owner but I think a big misconception is that your success will come overnight without much elbow grease and then it’s just smooth sailing then on… which of course is not the case. And the downfall is your passion becomes work which takes on a different identity and now you have to reconcile that in yourself and I feel like this is where a lot of people might give up… You will leave a legacy and it’s an admirable one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. petespringerauthor says:

    I respect anyone who runs a small business. It takes guts and courage because so many companies never become profitable. At the same time, I commend you on taking the leap of faith. I hope it all works out for you, especially if the work makes you happy.

    Most people, especially younger people like you, don’t consider the legacy question, but I SO GET THAT!!! I stayed with teaching (I could have done something else for more money) because I felt what I did was critical. I have a special pride in the number of my students who have become teachers. My students are like my children, and I root for them all.

    Best of luck to you, Moshka!

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  9. Wow that’s so exciting! I’ve actually been owning a small business too, but as a student, I’m not doing so because I don’t enjoy my coperate job. But yes it sounds weird to for me to say “owning”. But we are all doing great and should be proud of it. I’m so happy that you are making attempts and planning it out. Best of luck!


  10. vaniheart says:

    Well it must have taken a lot of courage to leave your well paying job and jump into the business of unstability …. โค ๐Ÿ’™
    I respect your decision ๐Ÿ‘
    And you know what your brand is gonna make its name and shine โœจ ๐Ÿ’›


  11. inspirechief says:

    Congratulations!! It is much harder than a job but well worth it. As long as you are capitalized your will make it.


  12. Megan says:

    Congratulations!! It takes a lot of courage and hard work to run a small business. Youโ€™re going to be so successful I just know it. I hope you write more about what it takes to run a small business, it would be so interesting to read about!

    I wish you the best of luck, youโ€™re going to do great!


  13. Wonani says:

    Congratulations to you for doing something out of your comfort zone. You’re doing amazing!
    Also, I would love for you to share more about this journey. I would like to learn from you.

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thank you so much! Here’s hoping it gets easier. I’ll definitely share more about my journey. Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year.โค๏ธ

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  14. mik2021 says:

    You need to smartly choose the right way to grow your business. If you look around you will find out a lot many industries have flourished to double the size they were pre-Covid. How did they do it? Simple, by figuring out the sharp-witted course of action to leverage their businesses while others failed to discover or may we say, ignored.


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  16. durjoyroydip008 says:

    This information is really helpful, and I also found some information about how to be a successful business person and I will love to share it with you.


  17. I am also entrepreneur. I can understand your thoughts. Your business needs to be reached by your target audiences. To increase your online exposure and make your business visible online, have a professional website built and boost your online presence by connecting with more audiences.

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Thank you for the advice. We already have a website but will look into boosting our online presence. โ˜บ๏ธ


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