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Bloganuary’s prompt for today had me thinking for a long time – “what makes me laugh?” It’s funny (ironically) how I know exactly what makes me happy and peaceful but not what makes me laugh. It took me some thinking to remember the last time I laughed till my insides hurt – it wasn’t that long back but it took me some time to recall (old age woes) since it didn’t register as something “special”. But since it took me SO long to think of what makes me laugh, I spent a while longer to think of almost everything that makes me laugh and here is my list –

1. My siblings – No one makes me laugh as much as my siblings do – from jokes to them just being their silly selves – my siblings make me laugh till there are tears rolling down my face. Recently we were out for breakfast and we all made stupid jokes and laughed SO hard. My sister is a naturally hilarious person – she makes the most normal things so so funny. We love playing charades with her because boy, can we never guess what she’s doing. My two cousin brothers are jokers too and we end up making so much fun of each other and laughing A LOT. The 4 of us together are a laugh riot!

2. My favourite TV shows – I love my go to favourite TV shows and they always make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve watched them before. My go-to laughter illiciting shows are – Brooklyn 99, Modern Family & The Office.

What are some shows that make you laugh?

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3. Conversations on dating apps – If you’ve ever been on a dating app, you’d know that you meet a wide array of people – A LOT of conversations on dating apps are so so funny. Although sometimes the conversations go from funny to horrific very fast (haha).

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What makes you laugh? When was the last time you laughed till your tummy hurt?

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  1. Simran says:

    This is such a sweet posts also I binge watch the same TV shows as you when I wanna laugh


  2. says:

    Laughing is a great stress buster. When I come home stressed from a day of work I love putting on “Nailed It” a cooking show where mediocre bakers need to create complicated creations based on beautiful examples. They are given a ridiculously short amount of time so they’re basically set up for failure. The results are spectacularly hilarious! The host is a comedienne so she just cracks everyone up. I laugh and forget about my own stress watching those poor bakers!

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  3. inspirechief says:

    Here’s to laughing at least once (hopefully more) everyday.


  4. Pooja G says:

    I so agree with all three! I’m rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine and it’s still hilarious 😂


  5. Saumya B says:

    I think the Disney show Austin and Ally makes me laugh way too hard. And also my own friends make me laugh. We have some inside jokes and we just burst sometimes and the rest of the people are looking at us as if we’re some kind of jokers! It’s embarassing sometimes😂
    Another great post, Moksha!


  6. Shows that make me laugh are How I met your mother, I can never get enough of that show. I also love the Big bang theory and Mom.

    And my friends make laugh so much.

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  7. Nehal Jain says:

    Not me wanting to see some of those funny dating app conversations 😂

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Hahahaha. Another post?
      One of the funniest conversation starters was this person who said I was like Pikachu and he is like Ash, keeps trying to catch me? 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nehal Jain says:

        Yes, another post!!!!
        Omg pikachu🤣🤣


  8. Yes I love that your siblings make u laugh! My first answer is also definitely my twin sister! More than anyone or anything! I also love your TV choices. I’ve been watching the office lately too, yes so funny. I also always laugh out loud at Golden Girls, King of Queens, and sometimes Big Bang Theory. Thanks for this post, a good reminder for me that life is not all about sadness and heartbreak!! Even tho it feels that way now 🤣💔❤️‍🩹


  9. I’m glad you’re able to laugh at dating apps. That’s a great list!

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  10. Ah I realized too that this isn’t the easiest question to answer! Apart from favorite comedy shows, it is hard to pin down what exactly in real life brings a great belly laugh. Though whenever it comes, it is so amazing and refreshing 🙂


    1. what are your favorite comedy shows?


  11. tanvibytes says:

    That’s a fun prompt! TV shows or stand up comedy is my favorite— especially on a bad day. Most recently I’ve been watching Gilmore girls… the witty remarks always make me chuckle. 😂


    1. Ah! Dude Gilmore girls is good but holy shit, they go through their clever lines so quickly, I can’t keep up and end up chucklin’ later to a line said 5 minutes ago.

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      1. tanvibytes says:

        Haha I remember that when I watched it, I noticed it was super fast. I had to keep going back 😅


  12. bosssybabe says:

    I’m really close to my sisters too and we definitely always laugh together – it’s the best feeling in the world. Every other night my husband and I get into a weird pillow fight/power struggle thing (it’s totally platonic nothing weird lol) but we always end up laughing at how ridiculous we seem LOL


    1. I love it!
      The childlike enjoyments of life.

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  13. vaniheart says:

    Well this post had me thinking 🤔
    I can’t remember the last time i laughed…
    Like a real laugh…
    I can remember a few giggles here and there…but its been a long time of sctual laughing session 😆


    1. Amen, sister. I haven’t laughed hard for a few years, I think.


  14. Dang, calling me out like that. I have no idea what makes me laugh.
    Honestly, my humor a lot of the time is bit-related, which hypothetical worlds, ya know? That shit is so funny omg. Especially when you meet that one person that will go into those bits with you for a while.
    I also think shocking or surprising/unexpected things are hilarious. Watching other people be like “what the fuck” and having them laugh/giggle makes me laugh.
    With covid world, it’s honestly been a while since I laugh-cried.


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