Japanese YouTubers That Have Me Obsessed With Japan

In December 2021 I randomly came across this YouTube channel called Tokyo Lens when his video about small yet expensive apartments in Tokyo was in my recommendations. I got hooked to his content about Japan and ended up binge-watching the videos on his channel. Soon I realized that I wasn’t just hooked to his content, I was hooked to everything about life in Japan. As much as I’ve always thought of the US or a western country as technologically advanced but seeing just how advanced even normal processes are in Japan had my mind blown. There are cafes with robots to serve your coffee so that you don’t need to talk to a barista – for someone with social anxiety that sounds like the ideal coffee shop. And it isn’t just about being technologically advanced, they’ve found so many practical applications of everyday technology to make life so much simpler. I think my favourite discovery from watching these videos (you’re going to laugh at how simple it is) is the self-heating bento box meals. A disposable meal box that you can buy at train stations or other stores that has an inbuilt mechanism wherein you pull a string and some exothermic reaction leads to the food being heated up. This is such a convenient way to get a warm meal while travelling on a bus or a train journey or even just on a lazy day at home. Also how cool are the vending machines in Japan?

So I wanted to share some of my favourite Japanese YouTubers so that you can all join me in falling in love with Japan.

Tokyo Lens

Starting the list off with the YouTuber who got me hooked to Japan, Tokyo Lens (Norm). First of all, I know he isn’t JAPANESE but he has been living in Japan for a while. His videos about Japan cover everything from unique things about Japan to travelling around Japan to just thrift shopping in Japan – I love the uniqueness of his content. Definitely a channel that will get you hooked to both the content and Japan!

Solo Solo Travel

The second channel that I discovered on my discover Japan journey and absolutely fell in love with. The next 3 channels that I mention follow the same format – the content creators record a part of their travel like a special train ride or bus ride. The unique part of all three content creators is that they don’t talk during the video and only use captions in English to tell us what is happening and to explain things. At first, I thought that it was awkward but I actually started enjoying this type of content.

Kuga’s Travel

Again, similar videos like Solo Solo Travel around travel. I think Kuga is the oldest YouTuber of the three content creators who make similar content. His channel has a lot more content.

Solo Travel Japan

His videos are also similar to Solo Solo Travel and Kuga’s. A lot of content around various ferry/ship and train rides in Japan. (Not sharing a video because he has disabled sharing of his videos on other platforms)


Shotas does more shorts than full videos but through them he gives glimpses into life in Japan and Japanese people. I love his unique content.

Every time I see something unique on these channels about Japan, I end up googling about it for hours after. I was supposed to travel to Japan in 2020 for cherry blossom season but unfortunately, COVID had other plans. Here is hoping I get to visit this AMAZING country soon. In the meantime, these YouTubers are doing their best to make me want to visit Japan sooner.

Have you been to Japan? Are there some countries that content creators have made you want to add to your bucket list?

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  1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Japan would be a dream trip for me, I will be checking out these You Tubers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Katie says:

    Japan is my dream trip! You should also check out the channels Currently Hannah (beautiful cinematography) and Abroad in Japan. Two of my favorites. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Pooja G says:

    Really interesting post! I don’t really watch any Japanese YouTubers but the ones you mentioned sound so interesting I’ll definitely check them out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. petespringerauthor says:

    Good stuff! One of the other bloggers I follow recently had a great post about the unusual things that come out of Japanese vending machines. I was utterly surprised.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I haven’t much content from these YouTubers, but I will in future.
    I have a soft side for japan due to my obsession with Anime.
    I am an avid anime viewer, and very less people know that Anime tells a lot about Japan and their culture.

    Liked by 1 person

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