A Blogger Wonders: Do I Really Like Writing?

I’ve always loved spinning tales since I was younger. After reading Harry Potter when I was 11, I was convinced I should become a writer. I’ve been writing short stories since that age. For a while, I lost touch with writing but found my rhythm again with this blog in 2020. I have been struggling with keeping up with it this year but I have always loved sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper. But recent events have made me question whether I really like writing.

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I run my own small business but have been feeling a little burnt out over the past month, so I decided to take up a small side project for this month to give myself something new to do and also, take a small step back from work without it being a complete loss monetarily. A friend’s friend gave me the perfect opportunity. A project to ghost-write a book! I was super stoked since I clearly thought I loved writing and also writing a book has ALWAYS been a dream, so I assumed this would be a great way to get some experience. But three weeks into it, I’m not sure that I love it.

Putting someone else’s words into a story is simple enough but is so boring. The fact is that there isn’t a lot of creativity needed to do it so for a lot of it, it is almost like transcribing. I have struggled with it SO much. It took me days to even get started and I don’t have a lot of time with this project since we’re targeting finishing the book by this month’s end. It has really got me doubting whether I actually enjoy writing.

Maybe I don’t really like writing maybe I enjoy the creativity of spinning tales or maybe I just like sharing my own stories and thoughts (let’s be honest, I’m a hoot). But boy, has this project turned me from someone that loves writing to someone who DREADS writing. Add to it my social anxiety that has spiked from having to talk to someone for hours – it is KILLING me.

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I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I love that I got this opportunity and I love that I am at a place in my life where I am able to experiment and take up such opportunities. I also love that I get to be a part of a book which has been a lifelong dream. But I am not contributing creatively enough and it is definitely taking the fun out of it.

Maybe I just like whining? I hate how whiny I’ve gotten. I have also noticed that a lot of people around me whine a lot, which may also be triggering my whining. Eg: a couple of friends who spend every meeting whining about life/love/work. Maybe that is pulling me into this loop of whining too? Or maybe I am just a crybaby?

See, this is what I love about writing on here. I always start writing about something else but writing helps me introspect and takes me to places that I never would have on my own. Maybe I like blogging only because it is therapeutic. Maybe it isn’t about writing at all.

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Do you like writing? What makes you stick to blogging?

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  1. utahan15 says:

    one thing to another
    and measure what you did and now do treasure


  2. I have two “me” times where there is no worldy intervention…one when I Run and one when I blog…enough motivation as it is “Only for me”!! 🙂

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  3. Tamara Kulish from https://tamarakulish.com/ says:

    There are many different kinds of writers, some love to work on their own original work while others love the anonymity and stability a ghost writing book offers. Discovering who you are as a writer is good! Just because you aren’t loving ghost writing doesn’t make you a person who doesn’t like writing! I detest some types of teas, but I’m still a tea driver for the types I love! Same, same!!

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  4. I enjoy and dread writing at the same time. But for some reason, I just keep on doing it when I don’t know what else to do. Maybe because if you take writing away, I don’t have anything else, lol. I think what you’re feeling here is pretty normal, as even I, someone who writes for a living, pinball from wanting to write to hating it. Wishing you all the best!

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  5. petespringerauthor says:

    I think it matters what kind of writing you’re doing. Blogging is fun because the writing is easy, and we get to choose the topic. While I put some time into my articles, I don’t obsess over every word like a manuscript.

    I’ve never tried ghostwriting, but that would seem to limit our creativity. I’m trying to write fiction novels for middle-grade kids, and I’ve been at this for a while now. Creating a story from scratch is a different skill set, and I’ve learned not to rush the process because I’m still learning. The answer to your question is yes, I like to write, but I don’t miss the papers I had to write in college.

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  6. Wonani says:

    I’m in between. It really depends on what I’m writing. Ghostwriting sounds fun but only if it’s about something you are actually interested in.
    I’ve struggled so much with blogging and keeping up with blogs this year. I’ve just struggled with writing in general. I like it but idk hey.


  7. I do ghostwriting jobs as well as this blog. Honestly, if I didn’t have my blog, I would go insane from boredom! Although ghostwriting does keep me busy with the guidelines I am supposed to use. I’m a bit of both. I like writing AND I like creativity!


  8. Nat says:

    I like writing, but it is complicated. I always excelled in writing classes in school because I found it easy to put words to paper. However, it was difficult for me to do actual creative writing and writing characters and character dialogue. A loooong time ago I tried my hand at writing fanfiction and it was SO hard to get the character’s mannerisms and speaking style correct. I used to be a really strict diarist and wrote in a diary book almost every day. I stopped that in recent years. Now I just blog occasionally and even that I sometimes question if I am supposedly good in that because rereading my own works, it seems like I have an endless stream of complaints and disappointments about life. I write most when I am unhappy or struggling. It hasn’t become a learned practice yet for me to write when I am actually happy.


  9. Juliette says:

    What you are describing makes me think of how people usually don’t like the books they *HAVE TO* read for school, though they usually enjoy the ones that they decide to read by themselves! Maybe writing is therapeutic for you and what you love about it is also the creative aspect of putting “word to paper” (even digitally) – I know that’s what I like at least! And being a ghost writer can work for some who like to be guided creatively, but maybe you are more of a free spirit! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do amazing and it is such a great experience to do it – at least now you know you’d rather write your own book 😉


  10. Lol I don’t think you’re whining. I think you just discovered that you like writing, but only if the subject matter is interesting to you and/or when you have creative control. That’s very valid!


  11. bosssybabe says:

    haha every Tuesday I wonder this… DO I ACTUALLY LIKE WRITING? LIKE, WHAT AM I DOING WAITING UNTIL THE 11th HOUR TO WRITE MY WEDNESDAY POST..!>!!?!?! But yes, I do indeed like writing and expressing my own ideas about the world and those who live in it! 🙂 The difference here is (you’re right), you’re lacking creative freedom like you said and you’re just not expressing yourself because you’re trying to properly and appropriately convey someone else’s thoughts… so definitely not a you-thing! Keep writing though! 🙂


  12. Ib says:

    For the most part of this year, I was very inactive. I couldn’t bring myself to publish any post I managed to draft because it just seemed bland and tasteless. At a point, I just stopped trying. I almost gave up blogging too. I tell people I love writing but I’ve always wondered if I really do love writing or just love sharing my thoughts and opinions on my blog because not a lot of people really listen in real life. I still battle with these thoughts but I still blog anyways. At least I think I love doing that even though I judge myself after every single post


  13. joyroses13 says:

    I would have trouble being a ghost writer. I enjoy writing due to being able to use my imagination. Trying to write for someone else would limit that.
    Writing is great therapy, so keep it up. I think you do enjoy writing, you just found one area of writing that you don’t like as much.


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