November 2022 – Month Review

My first post in a month is usually a review of all the books I’ve read in the month but this one is going to be a little different not because I want to do something different but because I read ZERO books in November. November was a busy month and a had too much going on for me, so I didn’t add the pressure of reading to the mix. I decided to do a month in a review inspired by my dear blogger friend, Juliette.


I finally got to travel a bit this month. I went on two trips.

Rajasthan – For my mother’s 60th birthday, we headed to the beautiful Rajasthan. We visited Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and had an amazing 5 day long trip about which I will hopefully write more this month. (The first post about Kumbalgarh is already up.)

Happy happy me

Bangalore – I was in Bangalore last week for my cousin brother’s wedding. I usually used to make a trip to Bangalore every year since my sister lives there but I hadn’t been there since 2018. It was fun to meet all my relatives, visit new cafes and restaurants, and just have fun. We danced SO much at my brother’s wedding – from a choreographed performance to just drunk dancing after (kids, drinking is bad for health). I also got to meet my nephew, Pumpkin!

I didn’t get too many wedding photos


I undertook some new projects this month that have kept me busy. I have been trying to pick up new skills as well as distract myself from all that goes on in my crazy head.

Ghost Writing – I am ghost writing a book and it has been a journey!

Candle Making – this is a new hobby that I have picked up and hope to do more of. I have been making soy wax candles at home.

Macrame ornaments – I have been trying to make macrame ornaments for my brand. I am still experimenting but hopefully they should be up well in time for Christmas shopping.


I have been working on improving myself and putting myself out there despite my anxiety. So I joined a women’s only Indian networking group. This week, I am attending a book club that one of the women has organized and I hope my anxiety doesn’t get in the way. I am hoping to find some valuable connects that can help me grow personally and professionally.

I also haven’t been one to spend a lot of time with my relatives. But this time in Bangalore, I made an effort to talk to all my relatives at the wedding. I also went to meet some other relatives. It was so good to meet everyone after a long time.


I was unwell for a week in November thanks to the pollution in Delhi and had to sit next to the damn air purifier the entire time. I used that time to binge watch some shows –

1. Dead to Me (S3) – I was so excited for this show. I had been waiting for it since forever. And I was SO disappointed by this last season. But I still love Christina Applegate a lot!

2. One of us is Lying (S2) – Again, I was a little disappointed since season one was SO SO SO good. But it was a fun, one time binge.

3. Unsolved Mysteries (S3) – I love watching this series but I found the cases they had picked for this season were less interesting than the first two seasons.


  • Working out: I haven’t worked out in the last 4 months. I hope to get back to it this month.
  • Eating right: I’ve put on 8kgs this year and I haven’t done anything about it just cause dealing with my grief and mental health was more important. But I want to go back to my healthy eating ways and get back into working out. I am going to make sure to do that this month.
  • Reading: I’m not going to be able to meet my target for 2022 but I hope to read atleast 3 more books this year.
  • Networking: I want to meet new people to add to my small network.

How was your November? What were your highlights? What are you hoping for from December?

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. utahan15 says:

    a happy mistress and her hound. gesund heit! be well


  2. Pooja G says:

    I’m so sad to hear you say that about Dead To Me because I was excited to binge watch the last season and now I’m scared lol 😂
    Glad you got to travel and you look so pretty and happy in that picture!


  3. Hey Rue!! soooo happy you got to travel and happy birthday to your mom. Gorgeous pics of you and all of the places you took pics of! 💞


  4. petespringerauthor says:

    Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your contacts. That’s an enormous step for anyone with social anxiety. It’s courageous and you should feel good about yourself.


  5. Juliette says:

    Oh I’m so glad my monthly reviews inspired you to make one as well! I love the things you incorporated in them as well! Seemsblike November was crazy busy for you, but in a good way! Rajasthan looks amazing, I had no idea it was this beautiful! I love all the new hobbies and macrame must be quite relaxing! Also, congrats for joining a networking group, I’m sure you’ll get a lot from it!
    I hope December treats you well!


  6. I’m so happy for you that you got to travel and things went very well with your family gatherings! I know what you mean about ghostwriting. I’m only ghostwriting articles, but still, it is an experience. Let’s just say that there are times I NEED my blog because I can be creative there!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. bosssybabe says:

    Great recap! So glad you got to do some traveling. I hope to do more of that with my sisters, my little family in 2023 (whether it’s local or abroad)! I look forward to spending quality time with all my loved ones (starting with the holidays hopefully)!


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