Reasons Why I Will Not Be Buying A Louis Vuitton Bag This Christmas

Christmas season is upon us and even though I do not celebrate Christmas, I really enjoy exchanging gifts. My love language is gifting! And while most of the time I like giving gifts to others, I also like to pamper myself from time to time. I’ve made a shopping bucket list as a 22 year old at my first job and hoped to get them all over the next decade. On top of that bucket list was buying a Louis Vuitton Bag. While Christmas seems like a great opportunity to spoil myself with this bucket list gift, here is why I won’t be –

  1. They haven’t gotten any new designs that I really like. Such repetitive designs and prints – almost seems like they’ve stopped trying to do something new.
  2. So many classic pieces have been duped and have been made into fakes. I’ve seen so many people carry them and it’s just taken the charm away from the classic LV bags.
  3. The number of influencers posting about buying an LV – it’s just taken the magic away from the dream. Argh!

And if you haven’t already gotten it, this first part was just a joke. Till a few years back, I was obsessed with high end brands and used to spend so much time reading labels on people’s bags/clothes to form a judgement of them, based on the value of their shoes and bags. I couldn’t wait to own my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. But I’m not that same person anymore. I mean, I’ll still judge someone carrying or wearing a fake just a little but for most of it, I don’t really care about being dolled up in branded wear.

I’ve been on a mission to find smaller home grown brands who make limited pieces of clothing/footwear/bags, mindfully, with earth friendly materials. So when I buy something I know it’s almost one of a kind. A few years back my wardrobe was a mini H&M since I was obsessed with that brand, and now I don’t resonate with most of their clothing (they do know how to make comfortable oversized plaid shirts). But even then, I’d end up having the same clothes as someone at work or a friend or my sister – nothing you buy from fast fashion brands is unique. Also, most high end brands and fast fashion brands are unethical, not cruelty free and cause irreparable damage to the environment.

I got this dress and jacket from small home grown Indian brands.

So as you rush towards finishing Christmas shopping, please keep these in mind-

1. Shop from small, sustainable businesses

2. Shop from local, home grown businesses

3. Stay away from fast fashion, fast homeware brands

4. Regift gifts that you received but don’t use

5. Shop from second hand/thrift stores

6. Make gifts for your loved ones

What are you buying this Christmas season for your loved ones and yourself? Is your Christmas shopping done?

PS: argh, I forgot to schedule this post and so posting it late. 🙈

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  1. I am such a huge supporter of purchasing local and small business. They put so much love into everything they do.

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  2. love the pic of you Ru and I’m with you.. but it’s hard not to buy clothes with labels.. I hate advertising for them … unless them want to pay me to wear there ideas.. ❣️

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  3. Yaksh singh says:

    So awesome post dear friend🤗👍


  4. bosssybabe says:

    My husband and I are not big on gift giving… it’s just not the way we want to show we care to one another or even others… of course we’re not grinches, we will gift when gifting is etiquette or the rule (the rule meaning a Stealing Santa party or something or gift exchange is expected). We prefer to spend money on experiences! We are the same with Charlotte too, for Christmas she only gets a new pair of PJs from us only because she gets so much from family and friends (and that’s even with us limiting the gifts for her)…


  5. Juliette says:

    Great post! I’ve also been trying to stay away from fast-fashion brands as much as possible, because of their impact on the environment and some human rights issues. Plus, there are a lot of great small businesses and brands that create really unique pieces and, as you say, you won’t be wearing the same thing as everyone!


  6. I’m being creative and regifting a lot this year. Just not feeling it at all this holiday season, plus with the move, it’s a hot mess

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