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You definitely read that title right. I’ve been struggling with writing these past few weeks and I hate being away from my blog for so long but I’ve just found it extremely difficult to put my thoughts down into a cohesive post, so here is a random post with photographs from across February. I will be back soon with new content. I’ve been enjoying photography and editing photos a lot these past 2-3 months. Let me know if you like them!

Sunder Nursery
Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan
Rashtrapati Bhavan (India’s president’s house)
February Delhi exploration – Nizamuddin
Sunday exploration – Begumpur Mosque
Deer Park Lodhi Ruins
Majnu Ka Tila – Momos
Love this cat photo I took (it is next to a grave)
A very famous Islamic religious place
My favourite photo from February
Friday night
Vintage vibes
Vegan cookies that I baked

How have you been? What have I missed out on? How is February treating you?

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Niharika says:

    The photos are picture-perfect if that makes sense. Enjoyed this post πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


  2. It must be so fun exploring and learning…its so good to be you! Enjoy!


  3. Joe Hallett says:

    I am there with you. Its been hard for me to scrape the time to do anything creative lately. my scheduled “creative time”, the time I set to write has been derailed by life crap and unexpected visitors. I feel the pain.


  4. Ib says:

    The pictures are so pretty!!! I’ve been okayyy


  5. Juliette says:

    These pictures are really beautiful! Take your time to come back to writing, sometimes it’s better not to force it too much and take it easy!


  6. Aisyah says:

    Those photos are very beautiful, especially the Sunder Nursery. The Dilli Darshan is my favorite too! And your cookies looks very yummy and made me want to go look for Famous Amos cookies asap. Lol!


  7. TCKlaire says:

    I so love seeing your adventures! Glad you’re recharging!


  8. Pooja G says:

    Wow, loved the images. The flowers with the B&W background is gorgeous. Take however much time you need and we’ll be happy when you choose to come back!


  9. I love this blog post for how brilliantly it’s been written.πŸ˜‰


    1. Happy Panda must be happy reading this comment, I guess.


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