Come To A Dog Shelter With Me

Every single time I think I am permanently back to the blogging world, my writing brain shuts off and I go MIA again! But I have so much to share about what has been going on in my life and I will hopefully do it through a series of posts over the next few weeks. I just got back from a trip and I am running late on this current post. About 3 weeks back I visited a dog shelter in Delhi. I have been friends with a few people who passionately look after street dogs in Delhi. One of them introduced me to Sonal on Instagram who looks after over a 100 street dogs in Delhi. By looking after I mean she takes care of their food, their vaccinations, neutering, medical needs, love needs etc. A few of her dogs are currently in a shelter in Delhi and I decided to accompany her to the shelter to help her take photos of two dogs that she is trying to get adopted.

I was really surprised to see how many dogs were at the shelter. There were street dogs, abandoned pedigree dogs, abandoned injured dogs, sick dogs and more. They have been separated as per their needs. We visited the biggest enclosure which has the healthy dogs and I was immediately overwhelmed. There were 60-70 dogs all trying to get some affection from us and I felt a mixture of so many things – a lil fear because I’ve never been around so many dogs and a few were playing with us aggressively, very very sad that they were all fighting to get our attention and that we couldn’t give them all our undivided attention and just impressed with how well Sonal handled them all.

The photography part while fun turned out to be super challenging as I had to photograph the two dogs while trying to manage the other dogs who were jumping on me. It was my first time doing such a shoot and I honestly didn’t do a WOW job but here are some photos from the shoot –

If you are in Delhi NCR and want to give a doggo a loving home, please adopt Michelle or Brownie. They are adorable, loving doggos who deserve a kind nurturing home. Please reach out to me or Sonal for more information.

I love dogs and I will be visiting the shelter again, this time for volunteering. Have you ever visited an animal shelter? Would you be interested in visiting one and volunteering for one?

PS: I promise I’m not going to go MIA again. If I haven’t visited your blog recently, I apologize. Please drop a comment and I will checkout all your recent posts. ❤

PPS: Anyone want to write a guest post?

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  1. petespringerauthor says:

    I’m a lifelong dog owner and you have struck on the importance of spaying and neutering as the results are often heartbreaking when we don’t. It’s quite likely that many of these animals will never be adopted. (I’m speaking of American shelters where many shelters eventually put a dog down if no one adopts it after a certain amount of time.)

    I’m in the middle of reading an interesting nonfiction book right now called Where the Lost Dogs Go written by Susannah Charleson. It’s an interesting memoir about a lady who rescues dogs, often helping to search for them with the goal of reuniting them with their owners.


  2. mylittlehawk says:

    I feel like I would break down and cry if I went to the shelter, because I would want to adopt them all, and that’s not possible. I’m not in the position currently to adopt even one dog, but I would definitely look into volunteering in the future, when I’m back in my country and can dedicate enough time to it.


  3. RUUUUUUUUEEEE Hi!!!! I’m glad you’re back. been missing you! Awwww sweet doggy! 💞


  4. Hi, I want to write a guest post on your site. How can I contact you regarding that?

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  5. Ib says:

    God bless Sonal for taking care of those dogs🥺🥺. As a dog lover and owner, my heart is extremely warm reading this post.


  6. TCKlaire says:

    If I was in Delhi, I would adopt all of them if I could! I hope those puppers find someone to love them!


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