Book Recommendations: Thrillers You Have To Read

I am obsessed with thrillers! If you have been keeping up with my monthly book read posts then you know that I try to read at least one thriller every month. Only a thriller can get me to stop binge-watching content and sit down and actually read. Over the last few years, I have read some fantastic thriller books and I want to recommend them to everyone, even if you don’t love thrillers. These books had me sucked into the story and second-guessing every character in the story. So if you enjoy reading, definitely give these a read:

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  • ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BY Alice Feeney: “Nothing has been going right for Mr. & Mrs. Wright, so when they win a weekend trip, Mrs.Wright is hopeful that it will be a turning point. But once they reach the house they are going to spend the weekend at, things start unfolding which makes them question their wedding and whether they are alone.” If you will read just one book from this entire list, then definitely pick up this one. This book had me on my toes throughout and it was only in the last 25% when the plot unwinds. I gasped like 10 times as I read the last few pages. This book literally had me on my toes, (Shop here)
  • The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell: “Libby receives a rather generous gift on her 25th birthday, her inheritance from her dead birth parents, a fancy house in the fanciest street of London. As Libby starts digging into her past, she is unaware that people from her past are slowly making their way back into her life. Is this house bad news?” This book was on top of my recommendations list till Rock Paper Scissors came along and knocked it off the list. The storyline is scandalous and thrilling, I couldn’t sleep till I finished the book. (Shop here)
  • The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: “Alicia Berenson upheavals her perfect life when one evening she shoots her loving husband 5 times in the face. She doesn’t speak ever again leaving the mystery hanging as to why she killed her husband. At the institution where she lives now, a new therapist tries to uncover the truth behind her silence. Is the truth as simple as it seems?” This is one of those thriller books where the last 20% is where the plot unravels and it leaves you gasping and turning pages. The ending is shocking, surprising and leaves your mind blown. (Shop here)
  • The Guest List by Lucy Foley: “A high-profile wedding on an island with the perfect groom, a successful bride and a small party of close guests, so what could go wrong? As the festivities begin, secrets spill out, resentments come out and someone ends up dead. ” This book was one of the first ones that I read with multiple different perspectives of the story (I had read books with 2 different perspectives before this) and I loved it. I love how when the perspective changes it fills your mind with doubts about all the characters. This book got me hooked to thrillers and I haven’t been able to stop reading them ever since. (Shop here)
  • The Woman in Cabin No.10 by Ruth Ware: “Lo Blacklock gets her best journalist assignment yet, a week on a newly launched luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins and a few high profile guests. But one night Lo wakes up to the screams of a woman and she watches a woman being thrown overboard. Lo tries to make sense of it as no one is unaccounted for on the ship and as she tries to uncover the truth, she stumbles onto a dark secret.” Again a book that will have you doubting the narrative throughout the storyline and then hit you in your face with a brilliant plot. The ending wasn’t the best but I guess most thrillers don’t have endings that I particularly enjoy. (Shop here)
  • The IT Girl by Ruth Ware: “April is the ultimate IT girl in college – rich, mysterious, smart yet evil. Hannah is her roommate in Oxford and ends up becoming best friends with her. But things take a dark turn when Hannah discovers April dead in their apartment one night. On the basis of Hannah’s witness account, Oxford porter Neville is convicted for the murder. But now a decade later with Neville dead and a new journalist digging into the story, new information comes to light which makes Hannah doubt everything that happened that night.” Again a brilliant write by Ruth Ware. This book has the kind of plotline that makes you doubt every single character in the story. I was suspicious of almost all the characters throughout the story and the ending has a shocking twist that will leave you gasping. Definitely check this out if you love a good whodunnit type of book. (Shop here)

Do you like reading a good thriller? Then you should definitely check out all these books! They are all written brilliantly with close to no loopholes (a problem I have with thriller books) and great shocking endings.

What thriller books would you recommend?

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  1. I love the thrillers you recommended. They sound amazing. I will definitely be adding them to my tbr list except for The Silent Patient cause I’ve already read it and I loved it too.

    I would recommend Fifty-fifty by Steve Cavanagh, I think that book is painfully underated.


  2. BabyFunbo says:

    I will take this as a sign to read The Silent Patient. I’ve seen it everywhere but I’ve always put off reading it. 😅


  3. Great reviews to all our “thrilling” friends Ru! I get too scared.. lol 💗


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