8 Mental Health Tips: Work from Home Edition (Guest Post)

I recently got a new job and I found out after that most days I get to work from home! I initially was surprised that I got to work from home. My company has an office that is about fifteen minutes away from my house which in terms of commute isn’t too bad. I can still go to the office if I need to, but most days, I get to work from home.

Ekta- The Talk Show- Special Episode

This month, Ekta is taking a different form. If you’re new here and have no clue as to what I’m going on about, do keep reading as we have something super promising coming ahead! Hesitate not to check out some of the older episodes in this series Ep-1, Ep-2 and Ep-3. Photo by freestocks.org from…

Guest Post Request – Brand Blog

Hellooo, For all those who don’t follow me – I have recently launched a brand called Moksha which is basically trying to make sustainable products a part of all households in India. While I am in the process of building this brand – I am looking for bloggers to guest post on my brand’s blog….

Why We All Hate Copy-Cats By Saumya (Guest Post)

COPIED!! PLAGIARISM!!! STEALING!! CHEATING!! The frequent words we all read here on WordPress. I have been reading them more often now. When I was a newbie here, this kind of stuff was less, but now, almost every week I see a post of a blogger either apologizing for copying or telling everyone their stuff got…