Things I Wish Would Remain The Same From The Last Two Years

The world is slowly opening up with COVID related regulations slowly being done away with. While I’m excited to go back to normal life, there are some things from the past two years that I wish would continue. Here’s my list – 1. Maintaining 6 ft distance from each other in public. I love this…

Travel| Busting Myths About Travelling in India

India has so much to offer to tourists – if you have the time to travel the breadth of the country, there is so much to do and see. I’ve read a lot of foreign tourist accounts about travelling in India and found a few recurring themes that I thought I’d discuss in this post….

Japanese YouTubers That Have Me Obsessed With Japan

In December 2021 I randomly came across this YouTube channel called Tokyo Lens when his video about small yet expensive apartments in Tokyo was in my recommendations. I got hooked to his content about Japan and ended up binge-watching the videos on his channel. Soon I realized that I wasn’t just hooked to his content,…

Visit India: Kashmir Diaries – Srinagar Itinerary

Mughal Emperor Jehangir had famously said – if there is heaven on Earth, it is in Kashmir. Follow me as I take you through my Kashmir diaries, starting off with my itinerary recommendations for Srinagar.

Countries I Want To Travel To Because Of My Blogger Friends

I love that I’ve made SO many blogging friends in this blogosphere but I also hate that we are all living in different countries separated by land and oceans. I really wish I could hang out with my blogger friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If things were better I…

Visit India : Kashmir Diaries

I started 2022 with a week-long visit to a place that was on top of my bucket list – Kashmir. Mughal Emperor Jahangir had famously said that if there is paradise on Earth it is Kashmir. And boy did Kashmir live up to that description. Here is part 1 of my travel diary. About Kashmir…

My 2021 Favourites

With 2022 almost upon us, here are my favourites from 2021 across 10 categories!

Things About Travel That Stress Me Out

I love travel and the whole reason this blog exists is that I wanted this blog to be chronicle of all my travels but it ended up becoming so much more. I travelled extensively pre-COVID both solo and with family and friends. But travel comes with its own set of anxiety causing issues for me….