Monsoon Vacation in the Hills

I’ve still been struggling to put my thoughts down on paper but I miss posting here, so here are a few photos from my small trip to the hills.

How’s March been for you?

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  1. mylittlehawk says:

    WOW, the photos are beautiful! Each one more breathtaking 😀
    Well, for me, March went by so quickly, I didn’t even have the time to notice…


  2. utahan15 says:

    cold dead and wet.


  3. ustome says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures!


  4. These are gorgeous pictures & place. March brought me back to the blog world after 10 long months – and glad to connect with you again!


  5. tanvibytes says:

    Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! What did you take them on?


  6. Real Life Me says:

    These photos are gorgeous. Sometimes all you need is a good picture 🥰


  7. Tamara Kulish from says:

    Looks like an amazing place! Hope your time there is relaxing and restorative!


  8. TCKlaire says:

    I love following your travels on IG! So amazing!


  9. March was too quick! Also they say a picture is worth 1000 words and those photos are all lovely!

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  10. Tiara says:

    The hills within monsoon is looking really amazing and peaceful. I wish that I could also be on that . It’s very beautiful pictures.
    But March was stressful and was very busy month for me . I didn’t get time to travel and spend free time 🙃

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    1. Happy Panda says:

      Oooh, so sorry that it was stressful! Hope you get more free time in April.

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  11. Juliette says:

    Those pictures look beautiful! It seems like such a peaceful place and I hope you managed to rest a lot! Take as much time as you need to come back fully in here.

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  12. joyroses13 says:

    These photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing them. (((Hugs))) to you. Keep hanging in there! ❤


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